10 Tips for Keeping Your Best Employees

Ten Best Ways to Retain Great Employees


Employee retention: 10 strategies for retaining top talent

We give you ideas about business and ways to grow that business. And today we are going to give you some information about such business. Today we will tell you how to bring a high-performance team, how to sustain that team, how to work with them and how to increase their speed. Today our topic is Keeping Your Best Employees, there are two problems when starting a business, the first is competition and the second is attrition. Competition is outside of those who bother you, your competitor is your enemy, where you compete and try to move forward, this is competition, and attrition is inside, your company’s attrition means how many people leave your company.

In our country there are many awards like great place to work, there are many companies where employees want to stay and do not want to leave, for example Tata Group is one of the number one private companies in our country. . Once a person joins the Tata Group, he or she becomes a son-in-law for the rest of his or her life. Employees. If you look closely, you will see that there are many organizations from which people do not want to leave. For this, today we will tell you some scandal. Many people call scandal a magnet scandal. The biggest companies in the world don’t pay much, they give more benefits to their employees, there are many types of facilities, today we will tell you about that, so read this post in its entirety.

Pick and drop | Accommodation

Give your employees a pick and drop facility, if you can’t give a pick and drop, then give accommodation with a guest house or any other accommodation arrangement, it is also a kind of scandal, it does not cost much. You give a car to your employee to pick him up, some money you deduct from his salary and some money from you means some employer is paying and some money is being paid by the employee. But the convenience will come to the mind of the employer that he is coming to take the company car and also to leave the company car.

Tea, coffee and snacks counter

Put counters of tea, coffee, green tea, snacks, Maggi, soup, fruits, salad, etc. in your company, how much longer they will eat, start eating tea, coffee, soup but do not eat more than this, but in the head of your employee this The word is set that the company he works for has counters for various items such as tea-coffee, green tea, snacks, Maggi, fruit, salad etc. These are the tips, techniques, ideas from which people’s minds are settled, thinking that he has a lot of facilities in this company, he does not have to go anywhere else for it, it sets the mind.

Work from home | Flexi schedule

This Work from home and Flexi schedule is that there are some departments whose work is easy to measure and who have less dependency on the rest. If you have a department where an employee has to work alone, you can give them flexibility to work from home or you can give them flexibility to come to the office which means you will tell them that your office work is 8 hours or 9 hours they are at 9 o’clock Come or come at 10 o’clock they do their work they can come and go whenever they want.
Use some methods so that people can stay in your company for a long time.

Gift of a maiden scheme and scholarship

If any of the employees of your company have a daughter, tell him that if he works for you for 10 to 12 years, some fund company will continue to give Gift of a maiden scheme every month, and this big fund will be given to you by your company at your daughter’s wedding. There are many scholarship schemes here that you can give scholarship scheme to the employees who will have your child, give him such requirement that if he works with your company for more than five years then the company will give scholarship to his child.

Free grocery to blue collar employee

The junior level employee means the blue collar employee who is with you
  • Driver
  • Servant
  • Office Boy
  • Peon
If you make small ration packets for them and give them to them such as flour, rice, pulses, vegetables, fish ration packs, it is a big comfort. Many companies do this by packing a small ration bag and giving extra 1500-2000 rupees to the employees. That 1500-2000 rupees ration gives a lot of comfort to the employees. They feel comfortable thinking that they get a ration of Rs. 1500-2000 from the company along with the mine.

Advantage against the contract

If any of your employees want a car, a good laptop or any other expensive item or some other expensive electronics, then you have to sign a contract with your employee, where it will be written that if you work in our company for next five years. So you buy the laptop of your choice and the company will pay the bill for that laptop, sign the contract with the employees and keep their nails in your company for a long time with the car, bike and mobile, then the good employers will stay in your company, there are many contracts like 10 years, 5 years, 6 years or 7 years you decide.

Timely| Salary | Bonus | Appraisal | Promotion

If you delay paying salaries to employees, the number one reason is that people leave you early. Many small companies or companies that are slowly growing up do so in such a way that they are late in paying their employees. Sometimes they pay their salaries on the 10th and sometimes on the 15th. They do not understand that All these are set in their mind in advance, so their salary has to be paid on time.


Employee Salary Component The full salary that they have increases when you add some insurance policies like Accidental Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance etc. to your employees.
This medical insurance has many uses because the body of almost a number of employees is not strong. Every day new diseases are coming in the society, there are about 50 new diseases every month in our medical industry, get your employees a medical insurance. Take the bulk, bring the big company, bring the small premium within 1-2 goals a day. If you have insured your employees, if two or four people claim, then the word spreads throughout the company that the company cares about its employees, it gives a lot of comfort to an employee, because of how much the company is aware of him. Although the premium has been divided because you will pay some money and your employees will pay some money, the employees will still get comfort.

Interest Free Loan for Emergency and Adversity

If you give an interest free loan to a person in a sad time or in a difficult time, then you are less likely to leave that person. People remember two people, the first being happy with him and the second being sad. Your number one customer is your employee, take care of him first, and if you are by his side during his grief, he will never leave your company. You can pay your employees if you need them for two to three fish, and you will pay only if that employee has been working for you for a long time.

Additional Week of Every Year completed

Additional Week of Every Year completed means that you tell your employees that you will get one more vacation per month when your one year is over, and two vacations per month when your two years are completed, thus up to four years when your When that employee completes in your company, he will get extra up to four holidays. And then the bonus and gratuity will definitely match. Then your employee will feel that working in this company will bring some new benefits every year.
Looking at these points, it seems that you can spend a lot, but when you have a good employee for a long time, you do not have to increase it. Many small companies increase the salary by 25% to 50% but large organizations do not increase the salary by more than 6% -7%, still the employers remain in those big organizations, because there the employees get benefits and get comfort.
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