11 Strategies For Landing Your First 1000 Customers

How To Make a Start-up | First 1000 Customers – Fully Explain


How to get your First Thousand customer – Complete Guide

We have given you many business ideas and tips to grow your business. And today we will tell you how to Landing Your First 1000 Customers. It always starts with freelancing, you get ready first then get off the field, you get off the field first and then get ready don’t do that. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In business or in any work, you need to have a mindset that needs to come from your passion because when passion and profession go hand in hand, you can be successful. It is not wrong to hurt those who are working, and it is wrong to make bad comments about those who are not working.

When you start a business you will increase the customer with less price, and then gradually increase the price when your business gets old and decrease the customer. Understand us, When you start a business, you need to adjust the price in the beginning for the needs of your customers, but later you can do more by increasing the price and keeping less customers.

#1 The Beginning is often with freelancing

Recognize your top skills

  • What do you think is your biggest achievement?
  • The fastest thing you do
  • Where you have saved a lot of money
  • Where you have created a new market
  • Where you have been rewarded
  • Know your greatest strength
Work that strength for your first thousand customers.

#2 What is your specialization?

1. There are reputations from specializations
2. See from the customer’s perspective
3. Narrow down, not everyone needs to sell things, everyone has problems selling things, everyone makes these two mistakes
  • selling to everyone
  • selling cheap 

There is no need to sell things to everyone and there is no need to forcefully lower the price. Many people sell goods at low prices in a bid to sell more, don’t do that because not everyone is your customer. Some targeted customers are your true customers.

#3 Focus pilot market

  • Go to the small market and win
  • Increase initial profit in small market first
  • You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo
  • Only focus on value creation in the beginning
And when you go to a small market where you have an actual customer, where you have a real customer, there are some things you need to look at or aim for –
  • First see if they have the money.
  • See if you can easily find that customer.
  • See if he has a reason to buy your product.
  • Can you get the product ready for him quickly?
  • See your competition in that field.
  • If you win in that market, what do you do next?
Find the answers to these questions, ask yourself the answers to all these questions. Keep the product service so that the customer is ready to pay in advance in the first place.

#4 Create a customer profile

Make a mini biography of your customer

So that you can understand who your actual real customers are, so that you can send them marketing messages. A different kind of marketing message if it is female, and a different kind of marketing message if it is male. You can create a marketing message like this –
  • Career stable or unstable
  • Whether there is purchasing power
  • Career stable or unstable
  • Whether there is purchasing power
  • What of his religion
  • What is his caste
  • Where to live
  • What is his region?
  • What is geography?
  • In which language
  • How to talk
You can create such marketing messages.

#5 Build your Brand

Now you make your brand grow your business, if you have a new business –
  • Full page image
  • Your Skill and testimonials
  • Your Accolades
  • Your case study
  • Your reward

#6 Customer acquisition

Spell your portfolio well first, then be ready for your customer acquisition.
You don’t tell the customer “I’ve worked so hard with you”, but say “I’ve created a value with you” and say “I’ve given you so much benefit”. Don’t say how long you’ve been working with him, say how much money you’ve made.
  • Create a network
  • Join the Professional Association
  • Attend Events
  • Give some short Talks
Don’t think about what your profit will be after entering the network. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. First day then take.
Look at your old network, because you can also get business from your old relatives or friends.

#7 Display authority

You use your experience, any of your certificates, any of your awards, your biodata, your portfolio, everything that has happened to you that you can tell everyone to use in your business.

#8 Quality value proposition

The customer does not want to know how much you have worked, the customer will only see how much value you have created for him. Tell customer-
  • How much money has been spent?
  • How much money did you give him?
  • How much money did the customer add?
  • How much money have you done branding improvement
  • How much money have new customers brought
  • How much money has increased productivity
  • How much money have you satisfied with the entry?
  • How much money did the business scale
  • How much money have you shared in the market?
  • How much money have you made a profit?
  • What are the benefits to you?
Show him where he has benefited, how much he has benefited, how he has shown you to your customer, where he will find success in his life.

#9 Be prepared to tell you to take care

  • Always make notes while staying with your customer
  • Make friends
  • Don’t fall behind on money. Make friends with customers.
  • You will always keep your customers updated about your latest news.
  • Email recap after each meeting
  • Always make less promises and more deliveries
  • Do not multitask while the meeting is going on
  • Do not arrive late for the meeting
  • Do not pick up the phone during the meeting
  • Create transparency
  • Take extra care of the customer
  • Reputation is the new currency, never let your reputation get worse.
  • Not all customers are the same, everyone’s project may be different.

#10 How to take the next New market

  • Begin With Smaller Market of Periphery
  • How do you create a distribution network there
  • Less credit to distributors
  • Build credibility in the local market
  • Calculate your distribution viability

#11 Build a team

You have to team up according to your customer, because if you team up more people and if your customer is less then you will lose because you have to pay each member salary, and if you team less people and your customer is more Then you will not have the opportunity, and you will not be able to provide good service, then your opportunity will be taken to another company and you will lose.
At the same time you need to build a professional perfect team. Why you need to create a professional perfect team, and how we did it in our previous post, we have given the link of that post below. You can find out the complete information from there. In that post we have given detailed information about this.
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