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Take Your small Business online: 12 Step Guide


How to Make Money Online – Your Online Store

We’ve given you a lot of business ideas, and today we’ll tell you how to do your business online. We all knew about online shopping from the beginning but since Corona Pandemic stopped going out of the house, the need for online shopping was felt the most, and it really proved to be very helpful, so this online shopping is loved by people of all ages. Now that the businessmen have started using the online platform, their benefits have been confirmed. And if you are also thinking of taking your business online then you will be in a lot of profit. For this you need to create a website where you can easily sell your product.

It can be much more profitable than a normal store, if you use the right strategy and the right platform. For this today we will tell you how you can create a website to sell your own product, and earn a lot of money. For this you will read this post in full.

What is the profit if you sell the product through the website.

Corona Pandemic has confirmed in this situation that if you start a business this time, you have to use the online business platform. At the same time, if you know that your customers prefer to spend money online, it will be much easier for you to accept this idea, This is because of the convenience, For that facility, the person can select the item from the smartphone and make payment while sitting at home. Now you say, when this comfort your business gets to your customer then the benefit will be yours. Don’t hesitate to go through the process step by step, and build your own website to sell your product in the online market.

#1 Recharge the market

First of all you need to know which product you will sell.

  • Beauty products
  • Books
  • Games
  • House decorating products
  • Garments etc.
Keep in mind that the product you choose to sell or that you have already sold in that product store, the product that you are interested in and know about that product. After understanding the category of the product, the market will recharge about that product, and also see what is going on in the market now. Collecting all this information will help you understand which is the right product, and it will be helpful for you to start your online business. And if you can, you can add new features to your product that can solve people’s problems, these ideas and concepts will help you grow your business.

#2 E-commerce Business Model

You need to choose the right business model for your business. For this you need to know which category you want to use. For example – 1) Business to Business 2) Business to Consumer You need to have information about such e-commerce models.

#3 Reach the target audience

You need to find a targeted audience, depending on the product you select and the business model you choose. Because the target audience of your website will be your customer, and according to your customer you have to set the user interface of your website, website design, contact and many more. To do this you need to know your customer’s group and income rate, as well as your competitor’s website from where your customer prefers to buy the product, all this information will help you build a strong connection with your customer. And your user experience will be better.

#4 Choose the right domain

Business category, product and target audience have been confirmed, now it’s time to choose a domain name for your website. Domain name is the name of your website, you can say it is the address of the website. When you choose the name of your store, you should think that the name of your store is as short, unique or impressive as it is to match your business. Similarly, the name of your online business means that you have to choose the domain name of your website.

#5 Choose the right and fast web hosting

Building a website requires fast web hosting along with a reliable and unique domain name, this web hosting is the space on the internet where your website is hosted. With this online service you can enable your website on the internet. And all your customers will be able to visit your website.

#6 Pick the right platform

After domain name and hosting you need to choose the right platform for your website. You can use WordPress for this. It’s one of the most popular site building tools, and it’s completely free. To make your website e-commerce you can use the free WordPress plug-in woo-commerce which is easy to access as soon as it is free. This way your business will be much faster and easier.

#7 Create a merchant account

To sell products online you need to create a merchant account which is a type of business bank account. With this account you can accept electronic payment cards, transactions for your online business.

#8 Decide the product price

Deciding the price of a product is not easy. Because if you charge more for your product then your customer will go to your competitor’s website without buying that product from you, and if the price of your product becomes lower then you will not get any profit from this business. For this you need to do research and find out how much the price of your product is charged on other websites. And you also need to know the shipping cost involved in the market. After knowing all this information, you need to do all the calculations where after calculating all the expenses from product, materials to website maintenance, you will come up with the idea of ​​how much profit you need to sell your product to grow your business.

#9 High quality photograph of the product

In your offline store, the customer checks the product with his own hands and does not see it, but in order to sell the product online, you need to take high quality photographs of the product so that the customer is attracted to the product. If you can, you can get help from a professional photographer and if you want to do it yourself, invest in the right infrastructure such as good camera, tripod proper lighting and background so that you can present the best of your product online. Doing so will attract customers to your product and grow your business.

#10 Effective content strategy

Not only will the photograph of the product be good, and the photograph alone will not motivate the customer to buy that product as well as you have to mention the impressive content about that product. Which will guide the customer to purchase your product, from which the customer will understand how to use this product. For this, create impressive and effective content or strategy and add it with every product.

#11 Plan for product packing and shipping

If online shopping is first, then the customer can easily connect with your brand. For this you need to pack your product and have a perfect plan for shipping. So that you can deliver fast and safe delivery of each of your products, and your customers can be associated with you.

#12 Website promotion

Creating an e-commerce website will not only start selling your product, but you will also need to promote your website. For this you can run various ads. Then you can do different types of marketing such as email marketing, affiliate marketing etc. This way you can bring traffic to your website, and the more traffic your website has, the more shopping you will have and the more profit you will make.
If you want to take your business online, you can start your online business and reduce your profits by following these 12 guidelines.
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