14 Interesting Bitcoin Facts Every Bitcoin user should know

Interesting Bitcoin Facts

14 Insane Facts About Bitcoin That Are Sure To Blow Your Mind

Hello friends! Welcome to our website, We have given you information about business in each of our posts, and today we will give you some more information about Bitcoin and the 14 Interesting Bitcoin Facts Every Bitcoin user should know.

Friends, today we will tell you about Bitcoin through this post. Today we will tell you some interesting and crazy facts about Bitcoin that you will be surprised to know about. You will learn a lot about Bitcoin with it which helps you to understand cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Will. Some people have knowledge about Bitcoin that they use Bitcoin in transactions and investments regularly. And many people do not know how to use Bitcoin.

Friends, for this, you should read this post in full, and now is the era of cryptocurrency, and for this, you also need to be aware and updated. They let friends know some crazy facts about Bitcoin.


Bitcoin has been the number one digital currency in the crypto world for over 8 years. And Bitcoin is not just a cyber currency but a highly valuable currency. And there are more than 2500 cryptocurrencies available.

Computer Power

Bitcoin network computer power is much more than a supercomputer network. And cryptocurrency is a digital currency.

Creator of Bitcoin

There is no news about Bitcoin inventor yet. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 as the first cryptocurrency. And this bitcoin means the name of the creator of this digital currency came to the fore, and the name of the creator of bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. But surprisingly, no one still knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is and where he is.

Bitcoin Supply Limit

Bitcoin Supply Limited, because there are 21 million bitcoins available. And it is assumed that the supply of Bitcoin will be completed by the year 2140. And then the supply of bitcoin will stop. And so far 16 million bitcoins are already in circulation.

Bitcoin Process

The process of creating bitcoin is called bitcoin mining, and those who do bitcoin mining are called bitcoin miners. And blockchain technology works behind bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin and pizza have a strong relationship, and it really is. And for that, Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated on April 22. And the reason for celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day on April 22 is that on April 22, 2010, Bitcoin was first traded by a programmer from Florida, and the name of this programmer was Laszlo Hanyecz. And this programmer ordered two big pizzas in his house that day, and the payment of those two pizzas helped 10000 bitcoins. And this is the first purchase using Bitcoin. At that time the price of 10000 bitcoins was around 41 dollars, and now the price of one bitcoin is about 49,963.40 dollars.

Bitcoin Wallet

If you lose your Bitcoin wallet, you know that your Bitcoin is lost. Because Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and this Bitcoin is kept in a digital wallet, you can access Bitcoin by logging in to your digital wallet. But if you do not keep the password of your bitcoin wallet and key secure, then your bitcoin digital wallet will not open. And if your Bitcoin wallet password is lost, you will not have access to your digital wallet, so the Bitcoin wallet password and key must be well secured. And it is estimated that about 20% of Bitcoin digital wallet passwords have been lost or stolen. That’s why you should be careful with your bitcoin wallet password.

Bitcoin transactions

You can’t reverse a bitcoin transaction like a bank transaction, once the bitcoin money is sent it can’t be reversed anymore, and you can’t receive it yourself. This is why you are a little better aware of sending Bitcoin to the right address.

Bitcoin transactions details hide

Bitcoin sender details and receiver details are hidden during bitcoin Transactions because bitcoin transaction details are in alphanumeric characters. And this is why illegal transactions use Bitcoin most of the time.

Bitcoin transactions charges

Bitcoin transaction cost is almost zero because there is no middle man in the bitcoin transaction. Although you may have to pay some charges for some Exchanges if it is a small charge on the bitcoin mining system.

Bitcoin is not a proper Currency

We can’t call Bitcoin a proper currency, because Bitcoin is very volatile, which means that the value of Bitcoin is always increasing and decreasing, and therefore Bitcoin cannot be called a proper currency. And there are many factors that make Bitcoin so volatile, such as –
  • Market size
  • News Events
  • Equality of wealth

Bitcoin is banned

Bitcoin cannot be banned because Bitcoin is regulated so Bitcoin’s circulation cannot be banned. Therefore, a person who has a good internet connection and a Bitcoin wallet can easily join the Bitcoin group.

Santoshi byte

Just as the dollar can be divided in Sense and the Rupee can be divided in Paisa, so Bitcoin can be divided, and one unit of Bitcoin is called Santoshi byte. And this naming is named after the creator of Bitcoin. And 1 Santoshi byte = 0.00000001 BTC, which is a very small amount.

Bitcoin to Space

Bitcoin has not only shown its power in the world, but Bitcoin has also taken its place in space. When Bitcoin’s paper wallet and a 3D model of Bitcoin were tied to a weather balloon in 2016 and its progress was checked, it was found that Bitcoin was sent to the sky 20kms away, after which a team at Genesis Mining conducted a pear-to-pear transaction to send one bitcoin to the wallet in space and completed the transaction. Friends, this is the power of Bitcoin. And so Bitcoin has become a digital currency.


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