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How to Convince Someone to Buy you something

We give you ideas about business and ways to grow that business. And today we will discuss with you a strong subject. We have received many emails for this topic so that we can discuss it on our website, again many have requested so we will discuss some of these topics today due to the high demand of this topic. Today we will tell you some steps with the help of which you can impress and convince your customer or any person. If you can impress and convince your customers then sales of your product or service will increase even more. Follow these steps carefully so that you can impress and convince your customers. If you follow the steps well then everything will be covered.

Become a connector identifier

Every person has more or less connectors in his life, he has some connectors, because business is logical but people are emotional, and emotional people have some connectors that will become connectors when touched.

If you have a plug in one hand and a socket in the other hand, then take your plug. If you take your hand over the socket, it will not go electric. To connect the plug to the socket, you have to connect the plug directly to the socket without moving it up and down, and whenever it is connected, the electric will have to go.

Just like every person has only one emotional connector, if you can connect to it then your relationship is quick.

Example: If you have a mobile phone company and people have a problem with the customer’s opinion about your mobile that the phone hangs too much and the battery runs out too soon, then you have got the connector, here the connector is the phone that your company manufactures hangs. The battery of the phone is running out very soon, grab this connector and get rid of the idea that people have with your company phone. In every person’s life – Need, Interest, Concern, Expectation, Problem, Thought, these are the connectors that you see. The connector is not your life, it is the life of the person you want to impress or convince, it means talking about it. You don’t have to be interesting, you have to be interested. Interesting people can’t do anything like that in life but when you see someone in front of you, they don’t immediately take interest in you. You can never impress or convince someone by talking about you, if you want to impress or convince him, talk about him, it should not be interesting, be interested, find the inner connector of his life and connect with yourself. Each person may have a different connector, such as –

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Motivation inspiration
  • Tech
  • Gadget etc.
The first step is you don’t need to go into much detail, just catch some of its lines and repeat the connector after the connector miller. This means you can’t connect just by finding the connector, you have to repeat the connector. When you repeat the connector, the person in front of you will think that you understand him.
Having a mobile hang made by your company, if you repeat this opinion to your customer that you are really right, the mobile hang will really be a problem for everyone, so we are trying our best not to let the mobile hang anymore, And when it comes to running out of battery, if you repeat the same thing, your customer will think you understand your customer. Actually you have to fix the filling level before fixing the level of dealing, when the level of your feeling is fixed then the level of dealing will be fixed automatically. Sometimes you will repeat his words in the same word and sometimes you will repeat his words in different words with paragraphs, because it is not communication, it is Comm-You-Nication communication is about you.

Rapp Analysis

Rapp Analysis is
R – Recreation
A – Aspiration
P – Profession
P – Problem
Because you have become somewhat connected, for this you will be more deeply connected in his life. Connecting in this life is not sympathy, it is empathy. This sympathy means that we are with you, you will call it useful anytime, and empathy means that you will also feel what the person in front of you is feeling. These do not depend on your content, they depend on your sincere intent. The more you go into the details, the deeper you will be able to connect with him and the person in front will become your fan. For this, leave the analysis side of your life.
A lot of people do auto-biographical listening which means whenever you talk to him he will think from the point of his reference, if you talk to him that ‘Year today is a lot of hard work I have to walk 3 to 4 kilometers’ then that person These auto-biographical listening people will never understand empathy, these people can never connect with the feeling of the person in front.

Make a lifetime impression

Impression means reform, the word impress comes from the impression, and when you create a lifetime reform in his mind, he will never forget you. Now if you are wondering how you can make a lifetime impression if you can’t communicate, it is very easy. This is what we often call Extreme Customer Delight in management.
  • Although there are many salon shops in front of your house, you often go to one to get your hair cut.
  • Even though there are many ration shops in front of your house, you go to one shop every time to get rations.
  • You go to someone over and over again because he has developed those people skills with you and made a lifetime impression with you.
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