6 Ways to Build a Billion-Dollar Sales strategies

6 Strategies to Make a Billion Dollar sales



Six Powerful Sales Technique – Complete Guide

We provide you with business ideas and ideas on how to grow your business. Today we will discuss with you about Build a Billion-Dollar Sales technique. Today we will discuss with you about the Powerful Sales Technique done by the most Billionaires in the world.

If you want to grow your business you need to increase your sales. And if you know the idea to sell that then you can easily grow your business. And today we will tell you how to increase sales through our post, so that you can easily grow your business. That’s why you should read our whole post.

5 Yes Approach

5 Yes approach means, if you are selling a product, you say yes 5 times to the person in front. If you say yes 5 times in a simple way, then the person in front of you will say yes, it is a model of hypnotism. Many salesmen are the ones who hypnotize the person in front. After you first go, tell a good story to the person in front of you, listen to the story that he or she is listening to, and the story will be as if he or she is laughing. Then you say “Yes” to some simple questions, such as – “Everyone has to be successful, isn’t that right?” When he hears your question, he may say, “Yes, everyone must be successful.” You say yes to a simple question. If he says “Yes” 5 times, then his “Yes” pattern is formed, this time when you sell your product at number 6. Then he will not say ‘no’, because he has a pattern of saying “Yes”, and at number 6 he will say yes. This “5 Yes approach” will increase the sales of your product in your business.

Begin with Urgent Problem

Whenever you start selling, start with an urgent problem. The urgent problem of the person in front of you is that when you first talk about it, the sale of your product will be quick. If you are looking for a good customer then find the person who is in trouble. That model is called the AIDA Model when you talk about its problems. AIDA means –
  • A – Attention – First capture his attention from his urgent problem, which is the most urgent problem. If you show him, he will talk to you.
  • I – Interest – After capturing the Attention, when you show him the problem, what you sell, the product you get wet in the interest generated.
  • D – Desire – Then when he has an interest in that product, then tell him about the benefit of that product and tell him the benefit in such a way that he becomes desirable to buy that product.
  • A – Action – Then if you complete the previous steps, then he will take action automatically.

Puppy Dog Approach

Have you seen the little Puppy Dog, when that shopkeeper gives his cute Puppy Dog to the customer, he doesn’t put the Puppy dog ​​in the cage, Puppy takes the dog out of the cage and gives the Puppy dog ​​to the customer who comes to buy it, then the customer gives that Puppy dog ​​to the customer. When he takes it in hand, his experience is generated, it is called Puppy Dog Approach. When you give customers the experience of your product, give customers a free trial of your product, then the experience will be generated.
Example: You see when you go to buy a car they test you first, when you take a car trial, if the car is good then a love for your car comes, then you think this is the car you want, this is the experience approach.
This is why you give a free trial to another customer, this is called Experiential Marketing. Show your customer a demo of the product, get him to use the product, give it to him. Give him a sample of a product. This is exactly what the big companies do, first give the product cheaply or give a sample of the product. Big companies want to reach out to all customers with their product samples.

Pressure Sales Technique

Create an urgency towards your product, so that if the customer does not buy this product now, he will not get it, this is the approach of urgency. The thing that you have is that you don’t appreciate it and the thing that is going to get out of your hands after you think about it is called Pressure sales technique.
This is why you have seen that sometimes a lot of people smartly say “this item is very limited, this item is not available” or it says “this product is booked from the beginning you see another product” then the customer’s ego becomes heart that The product is limited, which means there is a lot of demand for this product, so I will take this product. Then the customer will want to take this product and he will want to buy that product from you. It gives your customer a feeling that this product is very limited in urgency, car companies often sell their cars as it is a limited edition sale.

Hidden Command Approach

When you talk to a customer, give him a hidden command, a command that goes into his head, and then he thinks about it, and then comes back to you, without going anywhere, it’s called a landmine approach. . You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This landmine means to tell the customer 3-4 special things about your product according to the competition, so that when he goes to someone else, he will say three things to you, “Do you have it” and when he doesn’t get the answer to those three questions from them. From then on, he will come back to you again, this is called value edge close approach. Tell the customer your value in such a way that he comes to you again and again, without going to anyone else. And say 30-40% value that no one else can bring.

Fundraising V/S Friend Raising

Don’t just give money to the customer, make friends with the customer, the day the customer becomes your friend then you profit from your customer. When you make a friend of a customer, call him by his beautiful name. Respect the customer, make the customer a personalized approach, make friends. Because you are selling your product to one person, you are not selling your product to any machine.
  • Take a Personalized Approach
  • Keep the Human Aspect
  • Keep the sales model of the Relationship, it increases trust, the better your relationship with your customer, the more your customer will trust you. You will quickly make a transaction with someone you trust.
It provides installation and sales advice and listed information. These are the Powerful Sales Techniques done by the most Billionaires in the world.
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