7 Steps Everything you need to know about Zero Dollar Marketing


Structure of your Zero Dollar Marketing Strategy

We tell you about business ideas and digital marketing. And today we will give you some more tips about business. Today we will tell you how to increase the sales of your product services, and without investing much money. So today we will tell you about marketing or sales funnel. So read our full post.

If you do business and don’t do advertising marketing, no one will know about your product services. If you save money without investing in marketing advertising, it means you have turned off the clock to save time.

Brick and mortar and make your business online

Brick and mortar and how to bring your business online mean how to bring big buildings, factories, and shops online. So set up your business in e-commerce, now the order can be customized to the customer’s liking, many are selling it from home you can sell it online because many are still selling a lot at home –

  • Soap
  • Handbags
  • Paper bags
  • Jewellery
  • Homemade candles etc.
All of this is now being sold from home. ‘Set up your seller account first and e-commerce is very easy’ You can sell anywhere and then build your own brand. There are many benefits to doing e-commerce business –

  • Minimum setup and management costs
  • Fastest rich
  • Open 24 × 7
  • Secure and fast payment
  • Monitor buyers’ buying interest
There are many e-commerce platforms where you can sell your products and services
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • BigBasket
  • Sale Bhai
  • Craftsvilla
  • Shopclues
  • Snapdeal
  • Naaptol
  • Yepme
  • Paytm mall
  • eBay
  • Limeroad
  • HomeShop18
  • Flipkart etc.
You can list and sell your products and services on all these e-commerce platforms. See, before you go into e-commerce, one more thing to know is don’t look for customers for your products, look for products for your customers, it means to improve your product first then set up your e-commerce.

Your customer’s personality and community

First get a good product then find the customer and find the customer’s community and personality. Community is a very powerful thing – religion, race, doctor, teacher, businessman, lawyer, these are the community, in your business you understand your customer’s community.
Example: zomato started in this way, as many food lovers or experts were at the beginning of zomato’s platform, then zomato would not do food delivery, then only zomato food knowledge or food review platform. Then the whole community of people came to believe in zomato. Everyone who loved to eat came and from then on zomato’s customer base continued to grow, then zomato slowly started listing restaurants and then slowly reached the delivery system, zomato first targeted the community.
Not only focus on what people are interested in, but also what people are interested in.

Start creating viral content

Create viral content because viral content will bring you traffic. Write useful content and engage customers and reply to customers. For viral content you don’t need a marketing company, you have to provide the content that the customer is looking for, become what the customer is looking for, don’t look for what the customer is looking for.
If the customer does not like your customer’s food, then nothing comes in the packaging
“Content marketing is no longer just a numbers game, it is a relevance game” so design a Facebook page and create a like-minded community on your Facebook page. Then create an Instagram business account and post stories on Instagram, create a hashtag (#), create a LinkedIn professional profile, create a YouTube channel.
“Viral content is no longer about the stuff, it’s about the stories you tell it” then partner with a good community that will promote your videos and content. Create content with extreme emotions, give unexpected delightful surprises so that the person in front is happy with it, and then rub off effect from trading content or viral content. And give unusual useful information through your content.

The landing page is a landmark

Make the landing page attractive, give a clear attractive short headline, then give a good sub-headline so that you can give a solid brief description about your product services. Give a high-quality picture, our human brain can remember for a long time what it sees and what it hears, so 1000 word text = 1 picture or 1000 picture = 1 video, this means that in one-word processing picture is remembered 60 thousand times more, and picture In a way that matches your business goal. Then enter the contact form so that the customer can contact you, and from that contact form you can store the customer’s data.

Email Funnel Marketing

You get customer data from your landing page, and you remarketing that data, do email marketing with it. There are many benefits to marketing by email
  • Can create long term relationship.
  • You can convert interested customer into paying customer.
  • And you will send the email with the name of the customer. Example: Hello Customer Name or Hi Customer Name.
  • You can track when your customer is opening an email
  • Write subject line creative
When you have a customer’s mobile number or email id, you can remarket him many times,
If you can’t say nothing, you can’t sell anything” so let him know by email about your product and service, so we say do content marketing “Content is not just a king, content is now an empire”

Increase your marketing ROI

Once the content is created, you then check the ROI. You can help your content’s ROI check back a lot –
  • Convertkit – This is an email automation tool.
  • Instapage – This lets you create landing pages.
  • Buzzsumo – This is a content marketing tool, from here you can get trending topic ideas.
  • Google keyword planner – It is a free keyword planner tool provided by Google.
  • SEMrush – Here you can check your website baking for free.
  • Chatbots – This is a free messaging tool.

Stay in low-cost marketing

When you have completed all the steps then do low-cost marketing, this locus marketing means –
  • Bring innovation in technology
  • Webinar, virtual meeting and seminar.
  • Focus on your target market
  • Give good service to the customer to bring back the customer
  • Make a strategic partnership
  • Build a client appreciation program
  • Build a network and build relationships with new customers and old customers.
  • Give the customer a good experience of your product
  • Promote any contest with local media through them
  • Show the testimonial of the customer who is happy to receive your product.
  • Check the full data, and remarketing with that data.
  • Build scarcity with limited edition product
All of these marketing strategies are low-cost marketing. You will follow the steps well and you will get good results. These are the seven steps we have said. Keep moving these steps. You will see that the customer who is not buying your product will buy your product once or twice.
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