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How to Make money from an App

We give you ideas about your business and ways to grow that business and we also tell you how to make money online. And that’s how today I will tell you an online method with the help of which you can earn money online. And today our topic is How To Make Money From Apps.

Some apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube or Gmail have become so important in our lives that we cannot sleep without these apps. We can also say that our life has become much easier with these apps. We can order food through all these online apps, we can do different kinds of shopping, we can also entertain ourselves. This means that these applications have become very important in our life to make some small and big tasks easier in our regular life.

And you know that if you build your own app, and market it properly, you can make a lot of money. And today we have discussed this topic in our post, from where you will get some basic information about the app, along with some important tips of Android app marketing, and some ways on how to make money from that app. You will know, so read this post in its entirety so that you can get the correct information about the app from this post.

What is the app ?

An app that is a full form application is a type of software that is used by installing electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets. You can also install apps on mobile. There are many apps that you can install on desktop, but in today’s time app means most of the mobile apps, so today we will talk about most of the mobile apps in this post.

At present Google play store has about 2.75 million apps, which are available in many categories like business, shopping, productivity. It would be better to call this time App time. And the first of the Android applications is the gaming category app, and the second is the education category app. This mobile is always in high demand because about 55% of mobile apps users see their mobile applications about 10 to 11 times a day, and 22% of users see 12 to 20 times and some percent of users see their mobile applications about 100 times a day. These apps are more popular with young people, and this generation spends about 96 hours a month looking at apps, and older people spend about an hour and a half a day looking at mobile apps. Google Play Store gets higher downloading rates between Google play store and Apple app store, one of the reasons is that there are more Android users. But if we talk about revenue here, then the revenue of iOS is much higher. If you understand the difference between Android or iOS, it will be much easier for you to create an app.

These two platforms are completely different and have different programming languages. Then apps development tools, cost, App store Accepts, design principle, target audience and monetization method are different. Where WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Microsoft Excel and LinkedIn are added to the list of Android applications, as well as applications like Spark Email, Bing, Kik and Downcast are added to the list of iOS applications.

So when creating an app, you have to make a good decision as to which operating system you want to launch your app on. Find your target audience as well as understand the app type when creating your own app.

The app can help you in many ways in your business, especially small business will get a lot of help from the app, such as – business exposure, sales increase, customer loyalty and brand awareness. All these factors are required for the progress of a business. Winning app can give you easily. Apps are helpful in increasing the area of ​​business and at the same time can increase the productivity of the company, again providing many services for business.

How many categories of mobile apps

Mobile apps are in three categories,

Native app – This app can only be designed for one platform, such as Google Android, Apple iOS or Windows phone. This type of app is much faster and more interactive. Such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. This is the type of application.

Web app – These apps require much less memory on the user device, as these apps are stored on the database internet server. Such as – Google docs, Netflix, etc. This type of application.

Hybrid app – This app supports Native or web app technology, these apps are slow compared to Native app and take a lot more memory than the web app on users’ devices. Such as Gmail, Evernote, Uber is the type of application.

The mobile app market is growing very fast in our country, and its future is bright. Making your own app at such a time can be a benefit. But it is also true that you will have to spend some money to make any app, for example, to make a simple app, you may have to pay around 1000 dollars.

You can pay the software company or mobile app development company to make the app or you can make the app from any freelance developer. But if you want to make an app like Basic Information, you can make your own app, and the good news is that you don’t need any coding for experience knowledge. For this you can see your talent through these platforms and create an app –

  • AppMechine
  • Apply Pie
  • BiznessApps
  • Mobile Roadie
  • TheAppBuilder
  • GamesSalad
  • Good Barber
  • AppMechine

You need to reach out to a large number of users to make your own app or earn money through the app with the developer. For this, once your app is created, you have to place it on a platform like Google play store. Then you upload your app paid or free. You also know that if you upload a paid app to the Google Play Store, you can make it free later, but if you upload your app to the Google Play Store for free, you can no longer convert that app into a paid app.

Free apps are downloaded more than paid apps, because users prefer free apps because users get the facility here to use that app for free. For this, free apps get more users. Free apps get more and more positive reviews. The number of free apps in the Google Play Store is much higher than the number of paid apps.

How to promote your app

If you want to make money from your app, then your app needs to reach out to many users so that users install your app. But for this you need to promote your app. For this you need to know beforehand how you can increase the app installation, for this you can choose these options –

App store optimization (ASO)

App store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your app in Google Play store and App Store. This will allow you to attract organic users. Organic users are considered more valuable than paid users. Like SEO, you need to do ASO, where you will take keywords that will help your app to rank.

Social media marketing

You don’t have to miss social media marketing to be a marketer, keep posting on your social media platform regularly to increase the awareness of users about your product.

KPIS (key performance indicators)

With these indicators you can find out how your app is performing in the market. And you need to improve more in any area. Important KPI is –
  • Number of daily active users
  • Weekly active users
  • Monthly active users
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost per install (CPI)
  • Cost per mille (CPM)
  • Click through rate (CPR)
  • Conversion rate
  • Retention rate
  • App churn

Paid user acquisition campaigns

With such campaigns you can bring new users to your application, for this you need to take the help of Paid ads. And for these campaigns to be successful, you need to know what kind of users you want to attract to your application.

Email marketing

You can take the help of Email marketing to promote your app. You will be able to send regular updates and promotional offers to your users through email, this will increase your retention rate and you will be able to generate good revenue.


If you create a micro website with your app as soon as you create it, then the user will be able to know more about your app. In this way you can attract new users through SEO. Then you need to create a promotional video for your app. You can use the Facebook ads platform or Google ads available campaign to increase app installation.
After learning so much about the app, now we will know which strategies you can use to make money from the app.

Some methods for earning from the app

Google AdMob

You can earn from your app through Google AdMob, AdMobe is a free platform, with the option to display targeted ads according to the AdMobe app. And if any ads show in your app, AdMobe pays you according to those ads.

In-App purchase and premium

Here you can install the app for free but if the user wants to use more virtual element variety from that app then that user has to pay an amount. This virtual element has many things like extra lives, ad free, premium app content, game currency, maximum earning can be done from this model.

Subscription (software as a service)

The mobile application charges weekly, monthly or yearly fees from its users for any particular service. This model provides services like cloud base services, audio, video etc. Such as – Google music, Netflix, Spotify etc.


Another way to earn through mobile app is sponsorship. The person who creates the app here means that the app maker needs sponsorship to fund their own app, and the sponsoring companies sponsor the app because they need a platform like the app to reach their brand name to many audiences. Here are the benefits of both, and before you build the app, if you choose which list of companies or organizations your app can sponsor, you will get the benefits much sooner.

Referral marketing

This marketing revolves around your app users and their friends and your brand. Here your current customer personally shares your app between his friend and his relative, so that you can get new users, and your customer gets rewards for referrals from your app. Google, Dropbox, uber use this method.

Affiliate Marketing

In this type of marketing, the affiliate advertises the products and services of a company for which the affiliate is paid. Users use it to install and download more apps, and the affiliate becomes an extra income.
Now that you know how to promote your app and how you can earn from your app, it’s clear to you. Now you need to know about some of the important mistakes that mobile app marketers make and they face a lot of losses. So today we will tell you about some of those mistakes –
  1. Creating an app without creating a marketing plan.
  2. Ignore your app’s customer base.
  3. Not giving enough value to your app users.
  4. Ignore App store optimization (ASO).
  5. Repeatedly disturbing your users
  6. And not being able to use social networks properly to promote your app.
So avoid these mistakes so that you can progress faster. And now the concept about your app marketing may be clear. And if you also have questions about any app marketing you can contact us, our team will try to solve your problem.
We hope we’ve been able to give you some information about app marketing, and this information will be useful for you. We will update this post further later, and to receive such innovative and interesting information from time to time, subscribe to our website via e-mail so that you can know the next posts given to us through email notifications. And please let us know in the comments how you like this post, and share the post.

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