Cryptocurrency Investing VS Trading: What’s Different?


Crypto Trading vs investing | Which is more profitable trading or investing

Hello friends! Welcome to our website, today we will tell you about cryptocurrency trading, today you can learn Cryptocurrency Investing VS Trading: What’s Different?

When we first heard the word trading, we first thought of the stock market. But now that cryptocurrency has built its empire in the market so fast, after hearing the name of trading, the name of cryptocurrency comes to our mind.

And then it became clear that trading takes place in both the stock market and cryptocurrency. But the funny thing is that you may not know that we all do trading, and that is every day, because the word trading means buying and selling goods and services, in common parlance, buying one thing instead of another.

And if we are talking about trading in the financial market now, trading in the stock market means buying and selling shares of a limited company on a stock exchange, from where you can make a profit. And cryptocurrency trading means buying and selling coins instead of an exchange. Knowing so far, we think you understand this term well. But do you understand the difference between investing and trading, or are you confused about it? If you are confused about the difference between trading and investing, know that this post is written for you. So you will read our whole post. So friends, let us know what is the difference between trading and investing, so that your knowledge about all these currencies increases.

Generally in the cryptocurrency market you can work in many positions, such as-

  • Investor
  • Trader
  • Minor

You can generate your resources from any of these positions. Cryptocurrency mining is a technical process. Knowledge and experience of computer software and equipment is essential for cryptocurrency mining, so that new cryptocurrencies can be created. But no such background knowledge is required for investing and trading, in which case the investor invests in the currency for a long time, and where the trader holds the currency for a short time. And in this case you need to know the different types of traders, there are usually four types of traders-

Cryptocurrency Traders type


Scalpers are people who buy and sell coins many times a day. So that small profits can be made in every trading. This trade can be in seconds and minutes, Scalpers usually do more than 100 in a day.

Day traders 

Day traders are those who trade as one day, which means they complete the process of buying and selling coins in one day.

Momentum Traders

Momentum Traders means those who trade according to the market current price. This means that they follow the process of making a profit by buying coins at a lower price and selling them at a higher price. In this way, these traders are skilled in the process of buying coins at a lower price and selling coins at a higher price. The holding period of Momentum Traders can range from a few hours to several days.

Swing Traders  

Swing traders means that these types of traders take advantage of the short term price of coins, so that they can take advantage of the explosive increase in coins. This swing can range from a day to a week.

Difference between trading and investing

After learning these four types of traders, we will now learn about the five major differences between trading and investing 

Investing in markets requires a long-term approach, and often applies to such purposes as a retirement account. And trading is a short term strategy based on maximized returns daily, monthly and quarterly.

Investment period

Investing is not effective in short term price movement, but for a long time. This means that if an investor makes an investment, he will focus on the long-term potential of the coin, and then plan to sell it after a few months or years so that the investor can make a good profit.

Trade frequency 

Trade frequency is directly connected with the investing period, which means that the longer the investment period, the lower the frequency of traders. Investors usually have low trades frequencies, and this is because they do not sell coins for a long time. All these traders invest in coins and keep them in cryptocurrency wallets for a long time.

And where traders have higher higher trade frequency, because they want to take advantage of market opportunities sooner. And for this reason, traders start trading coins every now and then.

Risk factors

The higher the price fluctuations of cryptocurrency, the higher the risk involved in investing, and the higher the return on investment, hence cryptocurrency trading is also known as risk reward trade.

Cryptocurrency investors prefer to take less risk than traders. They are not interested in the daily price movement, so they invest for a long time, because usually the volatility of an asset is not so high for a long time, and therefore there is less risk in the investment.

And where traders are not afraid to take risks, but prefer to benefit from traders’ cryptocurrency volatility. The more profit-making opportunities there are in this trading, the more risky it is.

  • Analysis pattern – Investors and traders have different methods of analysis. An investor usually invests above the value of the coin for a long period of time, and traders invest at the current price of the market.
  • Profit concept – This concept contains the concept of how a trader and investor profits.

Cryptocurrency Investor Concept

Investors usually make a profit on four common concepts, so let’s learn about those four concepts of investor –

Price appreciation

In case of price appreciation, if the cryptocurrency price increases, profit is made.


In which the coin investor shares the profit to make the coin old, which means the investor’s incentive is increased.

Hard Forks

When a coin is divided into two, the investor who has the original coin automatically receives the free coin. For example, Bitcoin cash (BCH) has been diverted to Bitcoin (BTC). And after Hard Forks, the investor who has the real coin means that Bitcoin (BTC) will be the Bitcoin cash (BCH) of those investors will be automatically credited. And this coin will be called free coin.


Airdrops means when a project for publicity and marketing will be distributed for free, it is called Airdrops.

And in this way the investor will be able to profit through these four concepts. And now learn the concept of Traders –

Cryptocurrency Traders Concept

Traders keep an eye on the price movement of the coin entry and exit point market, and for this reason price appreciation is the biggest way for traders to earn profit. And since traders are active in the market, traders can take advantage of any opportunity in the market. And this is especially the case with Hard Forks and Airdrops, so that traders can sell coins quickly for free, and earn a profit.

Friends, these are the five major differences between cryptocurrency trading and investing.


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