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5 Steps for Succession Planning of Your family business

We tell you about business ideas and digital marketing. And today we will discuss with you some things about the business. Today we will talk to you about family-run business, today we will tell you about how you can Family Business Succession Planning, today we will tell you some of the reasons that can break your family-run business. So read our post in full so you can grow your business and avoid all these points.

Lack of long-term leadership and strategy

The business will not last long if the person running your family-run business cannot make a written down plan, and if that person is overly conservative and cannot manage to take and give external funds, then the business will not last long. Again, if you miss the execution strategy, your business will not last long, If there is paternalistic control, it means that “I do everything right, I am your father, I know everything, I am older than you, so do not come to give me knowledge” If a business leader has this feeling, the business will not last long. Again, if you have Tunnel Vision, it means you don’t want to take external support, and if you don’t have an external guide culture, then the business will not go for a long time. An unsystematic Plan means you are doing well day to day work but you miss the tasks that you have to do for a long time. A long term without any strategy for two-three years, you trade day to day and check everyday collection month, and you think business is going very well but you are missing long-term vision. If your family business leader does not know the vision, objective, action plan, mission, strategy, then your business will never run for a long time. And if leadership is like the old generation where business valuation, new capital is involved in business and people are involved in the business, if you don’t know all this, you can never grow your business for a long time, because the more intelligent you are, the more your business You can’t grow, you can’t involve others, and so you can’t grow your business for a long time. We are not saying that you can’t grow your business, you can grow your business but you can’t go far, it doesn’t mean that your business will not last long.

Succession planning

It may take your company a lot higher or lower it all at once. This succession planning is – the leader who is working in your company now means that the successor of the main chair is that the next person is the one who can be a professional or can be from your family. How that successor has been created, how much training he has created, and how much systematic plant and robust mechanism he has created We’ve often had this in business here until the main leader leaves on his own and then the next person comes in, it’s called lack of succession planning. If succession planning is out of the crisis, it means that there is no one else to take care of your company. Now the company has to take care of it. You must always do succession planning through the systemic robust mechanism. When a leader is in control of every day to day operation, and then when he can’t create the next successor if for some reason a sudden successor is needed, every political conflict comes to the fore, every family conflict comes to the fore. To handle the chair, this is because you did not build systematic pipeline leadership and you did not create systematic role/goal clarity. Succession Planning Role and Goal Clarity are required, if you have not created Succession Planning Role and Goal clarity then there are conflicts in the internal family. Succession planning is needed because the new generation that is coming to you has more energy and you have more experience. When the experience of the leader and the energy of the new generation are combined, then the business will be very profitable.

Wealth management

This wealth management seems to be the equity of the internal people of the family at entry and exit. If there are ten to twelve key members in your family, how much will their equity be in the entry and how much will be the exit.
How many entries of external equity will there be and how will they be exited, this wealth management is also a big reason to break up the family early or to keep each other connected like life. So you need to know how to use some strategy –
  • Congruent policies
  • Long term vision
  • Well informed
  • Written down map
And the business of those families who can’t make these strategies doesn’t last long.

Participating member Vs non-participating member

Some members of the family are Participating members of your business and some members are non-participating members of your business, so their clear compensation, dividend, or any of their profits or any payout is sometimes not clear, weakening your business fund. There are going to be breakdowns in the family due to the mess in the money transaction, so you have to clear these well with a financial expert.

Managing Family Relationships

Many times your relationship with the family is bad, and because there is no trust and there is a communication gap, there are many problems to translate the vision. In companies where people don’t trust each other, the speed of work decreases, and in companies where people trust each other, the speed of work increases. Tensions are lower in families where there is trust in relationships, and in families where there is less trust in relationships, there is more tension towards each other. And if you don’t believe in your relationship, then a lot of time goes to the unemployed to make a decision. In a family-run business if you don’t know how to handle a relationship then your faith will never go away for a long time, as long as you handle your business will run well but then when you are not there your business will be ruined, No one in your family can run the business. See, it’s okay to be emotional but it’s dangerous to be emotional, it’s okay to be sentimental but it’s dangerous to be emotional. Believing is the big foundation to move the person capable of it forward, if you have faith in the relationship then your business will grow a lot and last for a long time.

Lack of Professionalisation

Sometimes the authority has to take every decision for Lack of Professionalization. And the employers don’t think this family is for them, no matter how hard you work in this company, all the profits will be for the family, there will be no profit for the employees. And if this happens then you will not have capable manpower, he will go to a good professionally run organization. So to prevent this from happening, when you hire a professional, give him love like a family and train all the members of the family who run a business so that they become like professionals.
When the professional becomes as dear as the family, and when the family member becomes as capable as the professional, then the family-run business becomes bigger than the professionally run business. Of the five strategies we’ve given you to grow your family-run business, if you apply Strategy 5, the other four strategies will automatically come to you.
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