Few Ways to Grow Your Business Fast

Few Steps To Grow Your Business – Complete Guide


#5 Strategy Grow Your Business – Fully Explain

We have said many idea tricks about your business through our posts, today we will give you some more strategies about your business, time is life so don’t waste time, come to our website behind other content and read our posts. Today we will give you a premium content for free, which maybe no one has ever told you, today we will tell you this post through Few Ways to Grow Your Business Fast, people who don’t know much about business will also learn to do business by reading this post. So you will read this post completely with your mind.

PPT For Repeatable Business Model

This is a business model that can be repeated, and PPT means People Process Technology. This means –

1. People

People You need to have people who work in processes and work in technology.

2. Process

How to do every task through the process, this process is –
  • Accurate – This means it will work right the first time.
  • Consistent – This means it will be the same every time, not different every time.
  • Efficient – means the result will come from speed.

3. Technology

This means technology that will have speed and scale in addition to you and your manpower, in which your business will continue to grow. The biggest skill is that you can use technology well.
Your People Your Process Your Technology It is called PPT, if your business has PPT, People Process Technology is right then you can grow your business or not.

Create RGB Dashboard

RGB Dashboard means create a dashboard for business Red, Blue, Green. You get reports from every department you run every evening, some department reports you get every day, some department reports you get weekly, and report number formats, so you know what percentage is red, what percentage is blue. And what percentage of green. Everyone in your company needs to know what their role is and what their goals are. This means that what is his key performance indicator, what is the work of that person and what he is doing, the report starts to be generated. I will generate the report with red blue green color. So that you can pay attention to all the different ways.
  • Red – Red means Below Performance, and it means Very Critical. That means your department is critical.
  • Blue – Blue means Partially Control, it means this department is running smoothly, it is not making you lose and not giving you much margin.
  • Green – Green means Fully Control, it means more than what you want in this department.
If you have a digital marketing department. Then divide the amount of lead your department is generating into three, then you will be able to bring new growth here.
  • Generates 110 or 150 lead out of 100 then it is green. Meet every week where there is green, so that there is green maintenance.
  • Generate 90 out of 100 or 100 lead then it is blue. And where there is blue, you have to meet every 3-4 days, so that the blue improves.
  • Generate 50 or 60 lead out of 100 then it is red. You have to have an urgent meeting where there is red, so that the red is completely transformed.

CGP Safety Trinity

CGP stands for Cash Growth Profit, if you want to control your business remotely then you have to catch these three things every week. See how much cash you have this week, how much growth you have made and how much profit you have made this week or month. You have to control these three things, then the roles and goals of the department will come out, this is called CGP. Those who can control these three things will be able to grow their company in business.

CEO’s office in the CEO’s absence

This means that even if there is no CEO, the CEO’s office is running like the CEO’s. What are the benefits?
  • You do time management.
  • You can focus on the importance of your meeting there.
  • You can ignore unproductive meetings, the CEO will run the meeting in your absence.
  • It will notify you when the meeting should start and when it should end.
  • And you can focus on growing your company.
And if you don’t have a CEO in your office, then you have to do everything yourself, there will be a Decline in Profit, productivity will not increase and your stock will never be stolen again.
Step-by-step you need to understand three more things, PA, EA, chief of staff.

PA (Personal Assistant)

If you have a small business then hire. PA will manage a lot of things like –
  • Will manage your timetable
  • Will manage your activities
  • Will manage your appointments
  • Will manage your travel
  • Manage your clients files
  • Will manage your emails

EA (Executive Assistant)

If your business is to grow then you need to hire an Executive Assistant along with a Personal Assistant. These are normal
  • MBA is finance
  • EA helps you create your dashboard
  • EA is your office ambassador
  • Helps you make business decisions
  • Create MIS report
  • Create Excel Sheets
  • By reviewing your department
  • Helps in project management

Chief of staff

When your business grows a lot, you need to have a Chief of Staff.
  • Works with department heads
  • Gives bird’s eye view
  • Connect different departments
  • The Chief of staff works as your right hand.
  • Become a trusted advisor
  • Works like Analyst
  • Decision Framer
  • Project manager
  • Change agent
  • Chief of staff acts as a coach for employees.
  • Decides strategic priority
  • The Chief of staff becomes your gatekeeper, not allowing everyone to reach you.
  • Manages the time of each leader
  • Lets prepare for the meeting.
  • Engages with investors.

Employee Productivity Tracker

Productivity tracker means you need to know what each of your employees is doing behind your back, so that even if you are not present in the office, your work goes well, every key performance indicator goes well. If you do not have the technology, you can not track. You need to have productivity software, you need to have tracking software, from which you can know from the dashboard which of your employees is working and which employees are not working. With the help of productivity tracker software you can get many benefits such as –
When each of your employees is logging in, when they are logging out, when your employees are working or not working.
  • From here you can plan resources.
  • You can monitor the performance of your employees, you do not have to increase the salary of any employee and you do not have to increase the salary of any employee.
  • You will be able to do complete project management, you will be able to understand whether you can do your work in time.
  • Can monitor real-time
  • You can fully monitor if there are any violations, if someone is cheating, and if someone is stealing something.
You will find a lot of software for productivity tracker such as –
  1. timecamp
  2. ToggiTrack
  3. Hours
  4. Trella
  5. RescueTime
  6. Momentum
  7. Timezone
Here are 5 steps you can take to begin and grow your business. It will depend on you whether you want to start a business or not. If you follow these 5 steps well, we believe you will succeed.
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