Future of Wood Industry in India

Future in Wood Industry

Future in Wood Industry or Carpenter Industry | Wood Furniture Market in India

Friends, we keep you informed about business through our posts every time. And today we are going to discuss that with you. Today we will inform you Future of Wood Industry in India.
Friends, we all run to fulfill our dreams, and what we need most and what we work for the most is food, clothes and home. These three things are our basic necessities, and for this we are running every day, some working, some doing business. And if you build a small house at the end of it, then that house is no less than a palace to us.
And as the world becomes more modern, so does our demand, and now home-building has become a part of our lifestyle. Now the house is not just a structure of brick cement, now the house is a status symbol. Most of the time we see in the film that most of the wood is used to build houses in foreign countries, hey wood work brings beauty to the house. Along with the house, all the necessary cupboards, design tables, beds, etc. are made of wood. And the look of the house is changed by using wood.
And the use of this behavior is also seen in India. With its use in India, wood work is being done in places like offices, restaurants, showrooms, hotels, etc., so that there is an authentic feeling, so the demand for good craftsmen and experts to know wood work is increasing. And friends, today we will inform you the complete case study of this wood industry through this post. Let’s get started.
India’s woodworking industries are doing business for billions of dollars. Woodworking has now become a respected profession. India’s wood working industry has surpassed 32 billion dollars in 2019. And now the wood working industry has become a fast growing industry, hey industry is now using modern technology. Wooden work is exported to trade fairs to showcase the world, where the value of wood work has reached millions of rupees. Modern cutting edge technologies, tools fitting, accessories, machinery, raw materials and products are on display in the wooden furniture menu and commercial fairs. There is no shortage of forests in our country, so there is no shortage of raw materials. India is world famous for its exquisite woodworking techniques and various designs.
There is a lot of demand abroad for the traditional design of wood made in India. Manufacturing industry has already been created in India for woodworking, where all kinds of necessary items like wooden products, plywood, wooden doors, windows, office furniture etc. are made as per the demand of the market. And for this India is a big exporter of wood work. There is a lot of demand for timber products made in India outside the country, where all these countries are India’s biggest customers. United States, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka.
India was exporting billion 1 billion worth of timber products in 2010. Global market insights state in its latest status that wood furniture will dominate the global furniture market with 60% share in the future. And the market for this wooden furniture will reach 50 750 billion by 2024, and India and China will lead Asia specific reason with 400 billion.
Which wood products have the highest demand in the market, if discussed, are –
  • Plywood
  • Wooden furniture
  • Wooden toothpick
  • Teak wood
  • Wooden frames
  • Wooden door
  • Wooden window
  • Pratical board
  • Jointed board
  • Timber
  • Plywood and plywood
  • Chip board
  • Construction
  • Wood working
  • Decorative laminated Sheets
  • Building materials
With all this, India’s timber and carpentry industry is growing rapidly.
Let’s find out which timber business has the highest demand –

Imported furniture

As India’s largest exporter of wooden working industries, India’s largest importer, India’s share in imports is about 19%. Countries like Germany, Spain, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy etc. send around billions of dollars worth of furniture to India every year. From where you can understand how much demand there is for imported furniture in India. And this time if you want to be an importer of this industry or own a showroom by investing in this business of a small carpet, then you can make good profit income as a demand and supplier.

Plywood Manufacturer & Supplier

Plywood is a panel of wood, which is made from a thin layer of wood. Loud is one of the most used wood products which is cheap and used for second time. Plywood tends to be stronger as it becomes more flexible, and plywood is available at a lower cost than wood. Nowadays plywood is used in almost all types of construction work. And if you want to use this opportunity to do plywood business then you can start your business as a supplier or dealer. In 2017, the global plywood market exceeded 110 billion, and it continues to grow.

Toothpick Manufacturer

If a food gets stuck in your teeth after eating, and we feel very uncomfortable until we take it out, Thanks to Toothpick I can find out the food. Toothpick is made of wood, and a wooden toothpick should usually be used. Because toothpick is made of wood as well as plastic, bamboo etc. Toothpick is also used when serving food in places like wedding, kitchen, hotel, restaurant. The question is, does the toothpick making business really make a profit? The answer is that we can’t stop eating and using toothpicks. There are manual and automatic toothpick making machines and automatic machines available in the market ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, and you can start your business by investing some of this money.

Wooden frames and door

The people in the woodworking administration demand that all the work of home, hotels, office, building, restaurant, café such as roof, floor, partition, etc. is always done. And with it the work of the interior is done. Carpenter’s work also wooden modular kitchen, wooden polish finishing, etc. Carpenter with all the knowledge can easily earn about 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees per month.

Timber Supplier

It is not possible to make anything without the supply of wood without the use of wood furniture and wood construction materials. Because good wood furniture requires good wood, which will be long lasting as well as cheap. So you can start your business in this wooden industry by becoming a Timber Supplier. But to do this you must first create a license. Theft of timber is rampant in India, and you certainly don’t want stolen timber to be provided to your customers. You can get a license from the Department of Forest and Wildlife Conservation to start your own business in the Wooden Industry. This department may be different in different states.


Bamboo has no answer. Bamboo can be seen almost everywhere in India, bamboo is a part of the wooden industry of furniture. Bamboo furniture is used in many hotels, restaurants, houses etc. In hilly states like Uttarakhand where there is no shortage of bamboo, the state government has set up a separate bamboo development board to increase the use of bamboo. Which has been created to increase the income of the artisans associated with these industries. In 2015, the bamboo market in India crossed Rs 26,000 crore, while the market for bamboo furniture was more than Rs 3,500 crore, which is growing every year. And if you cultivate bamboo at this time or supply furniture made of bamboo, then you will see profit in these two businesses.

Carpentry as a career

Masonry, blacksmith, potter, carpenter, etc. are professions that the common man thinks about – these jobs are just generation wise generation profession, those who have it from the beginning. But now the generation has changed and the demand for all these experts in the creative world is increasing. And professional training and courses are being done for such work. If you go to a hotel or restaurant, the first thing we do is look at Wooden Work. So think about how much knowledge is required to do such a large level of work, and if you are a specialist in this work, you can estimate your income.
Friends if you are a creative designer you want to do something different in your career, you can be part of this billion dollar wooden industry, where you can work as an individual, or in a good post. There is a lot of scope to grow in this industry. And if you have good express in this industry, then you can earn good money by becoming consultants. Friends, remember that the basic things never end, we used wood when we were in the primitive age, and now we use wood even in this modern age, only the way of using has changed.


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