Grow your business from home in this Covid-19 situation


How to grow your business from home in this Covid-19 situation

The whole world is getting infected with this virus called covid-19. In this situation, many companies in the country have closed down. Many businesses have also suffered good losses.Again, many companies are making good profits in this situation. No one is leaving home so everyone is buying things from e-commerce websites. And all the things that are sold on e-commerce websites are sold by ordinary shopkeepers like you. So today we will discuss something about this.

So those of you who have started a new business or are about to start a new business should read this post completely and those who have been doing business for a long time will also read it.

How e-commerce companies work

All the products you see on the e-commerce website come from the sellers associated with the product e-commerce website. Cellar uploads photos of products and product dittels to the e-commerce platform. Now when the product is sold, the seller will be notified that you have bought that product and all its details. The product is then prepared for delivery and sent to the specified address.


How to connect with this e-commerce website.

You do not have to go to an e-commerce website to register, you can register at home. All you have to do is go to the e-commerce company you want to register with and open an account, but you have to have a Pan Card and GST number.

Another company is doing well in this Covid-19 situation. That is the delivery service companies.

How to turn on delivery service

We have already talked about how to launch a delivery service. So click on the link below and learn more about how to launch a delivery service.

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