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 How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020


How to become a Blogger in a few simple steps

We use the internet every day and the information we like is searched on Google and other search engines. Have you ever wondered, How do you get this information? You get this information from the blog. People want to do government or private jobs, but in our country today unemployment is high. So people of today’s generation don’t want to do anything, they just don’t want to stay at home, so they keep looking for ways to earn money.

These days, blogging is being considered as a way to have a good career and earn money. Because money is earned from here and people’s minds can be conquered and there is respect.

So today we will discuss in this post what blogging is and how to become a blogger we will give you detailed information today. As we have said before about blogging, you can see our previous post to increase your knowledge about blogging.

What is Blog ?

Blog is an English word, which is short for web blog. The blog was started in 1998 by Google’s free platform. Through this a person can share his own thoughts with the whole world. Blog posts reach people who search for this blog on any search engine. A blog is like a website that you can create for free from Google. The difference between a blog and a website is that to build a website you need to know web developing, you need to know a lot of coding, but to create a blog you need a website from where you can write your blog.

Because the size of the blog is smaller than the website, the blog is called a digital diary, the blog contains articles, videos, images, etc. And the content that is in the blog is called blogpost and those who write that blog are called bloggers. You can share these articles on social media. Such as: Can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

Running a Blog

A blog can be run by one person or even by a team, and blogs are popular among people, and blogs are liked by almost all people. And you can earn from the blog, so many people use the blog as a business. Where that person forms a team and starts blogging on various topics. And to make money from there.

After creating a blog, posting an article on that blog and designing that blog well is called blogging. The person who creates the blog has to post his own judgment or article from time to time. Posting on a blog, designing your own blog, answering comments coming to the blog, thus all that a blogger has to do to run a blog is called blogging in common parlance.

Choose A Niche

Everyone can blog who has something to write about, who loves to write. All he has to do is keep some information about the internet and blogging. And you have to ask your mind what you are good at called Niche. Because before creating a blog, you have to think about which niche you will blog about and niche where you can run the blog for a long time. So those who use blogs as a business work as a team. Because each person on their team is proficient in different tasks or topics.

Blog topics list

There are millions of blocks in this world, and there are so many things where you can write something every day.

  1. #Technology
  2. #Gadgets
  3. #News
  4. #Business
  5. #Gaming
  6. #Food
  7. #Fashion
  8. #Sports
  9. #Lifestyle
  10. #Automobile
  11. #Health
  12. #Education
  13. #Pets
  14. #Finance
  15. #Personal Info etc.

 Free and paid blog

When you first start, you can make the blog for free, then you can change it from the blog as you need. And if you create a blog for free, you will not get all the benefits there, so if you want to make your blog a professional blog, you have to spend some money for the blog. If you want to customize your blog, you need to use paid blogs. And to take a paid blog, some common problems will be removed from your blog, such as: site speed and other problems that are almost fixed.

Best Blogging Platform

#1 Blogger – The best free blogging platform

#2 WordPress – The most popular blogging platform

#3 Wix – The best drug and drop website maker

#4 Tumblr – The best blogging platform for microblogging

#5 Medium– best for article published

#6 Ghost – The best blogging platform for publishing

#7 Strikingly – Best for general blogs

#8 – Best for anonymous blogging etc.

Through all these websites, an ordinary person can easily create a blog without knowing any coding. And these websites are also very easy to use, you can do everything easily.

Blog sites Ranking

Blogging requires good traffic to the blog to make money, for which a blogger has to work hard. And in order to get more traffic, you have to write good content.

A blogger needs to do more than just write content to run his own blog successfully. In order to rank the blog, he has to take care of many things. So that traffic comes to that blog. The article should be written SEO friendly, and the article should be unique. And you have to do research on the subject you are going to write about, such as article related keywords, you have to choose the right image to post the blog, you have to change the design of the blog from time to time. The speed of the website is to fix the forest problem. Blog posts have to be shared on social media. Will have to reply to the comment.

Earn Money Blogging

Many people make a lot of money from blogging, while many people use blogging as a business to make money. Here are some ways to make money from blogging.

#1 Ad Networks like AdSense,

#2 Direct Advertisements

#3 Affiliate marketing

#4 Native Advertising

#5 Paid reviews/Sponsored posts

#6 Sell Digital products, such as eBooks, Blueprints.

#7 Launch an Online Course

#8 Offer Online consulting

#9 Offer Services based on your skills. 

The most popular of these is AdSense which is an Ad network company run by Google. From here you can earn a fair amount of money.

Why Blogs are written

In the past, people used to write diaries, magazines or some important things and share them with everyone through newspapers and magazines. In this way, in today’s modern age, people like to look at the internet, and share it, it is called a blog.

Anything that can be written on a blog can be a little bit and special. There are a lot of people who are made on some particular subject. And news and information about that subject is provided.

Such is the technology blog, where information about new and old technology is provided. Those who write blogs are called bloggers. And the work that is done in the blog is called blogging.

Bonus tips:

You write blogs on topics that you are better at than others so you can run the blog for a long time. Put uniqueness in the blog so that your blog is a little different from others then you will get more traffic. You will become a successful blogger if you know how to solve other problems by posting blogs from time to time, changing the design of blocks and seeing the speed of the blog.

 You can contact us for more details about the blog, we will try our best to solve your problem.

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