How To Become A Property Dealer

How To Become A Property Dealer [Real Estate Agent] [Complete Guide]


Entering Real Estate: 5 steps to becoming an Agent – Full Explain

Business is never small or big, But you need to have complete information about the business you are going to do, because only then the chances of success in that business increase. We’ve given you a lot of information about a lot of business, and today we’re going to tell you about another business. Today we will tell you about Real Estate Business. Real Estate Business is one of the top business in the world. You will read this post in its entirety.

Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business means the business of buying or selling or renting real estate such as land, shops, houses etc.

This business is growing very fast all over the world, so you can start your career in this business in many ways. One of them is a Real Estate Consultant or Property Dealer. For this today we will tell you how you can go to properties.

Who are the property dealers?

A property dealer is a person who acts as a mediator to sell and rent land, houses, shops, etc. In this way the property dealer finalizes the deal by combining the customer and the property owner with each other. The property dealer is paid a commission for this work which can range from a few thousand to several lakhs. The property dealer takes commission from both the parties. Many real estate agents earn millions of rupees a month by doing this.

What do property dealers have to do?

1.Property Search
2.Dealing with the property owner
3.Finding a customer
4.Showing the property to the customer
5.Take care of the property

  • To paint
  • To repair

6.If the deal is final, make an agreement for rent
7.Creating documents at the register office when the property is sold
8.Check if the house is empty

9.Electric bill

10.House tax etc.

Everything you need to see as a property dinner. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time. In this business you can earn a lot of property and money. So we will give you some important tips to help you do these things.

#1 Experience must be collected

You have to learn this job by feeling, many companies give coaching on this subject you can also learn from teaching, but if you have 6 months to 1 year experience on this subject it is better in this business.
You need to know these while experimenting –
  • How to find the property
  • Where do you get the customer to sell the property
  • How to do practical work
  • What are the legal requirements or documents required to sell a property?
  • You need to know some mathematical calculations related to land.

#2 Gain the trust of the customer

The job of a property dealer is to deal with his landlord or landlord as well as their customers. Here your community skills are a little better, and you need to talk politely to the customer and gain the trust of the seller and the buyer. Because the owner of the land or house sometimes does not show up at the place to show the property, then the key is given to the real estate agent, for which if you cannot gain the trust of the custom, less people will deal with you. You build an office and maintain transparency to gain trust.

#3 How to find a property

You need to have information about the field in which you want to do this business, then go around the field and make a complete list of which properties to rent and which to sell. And only if you have a mobile phone and a bike to ride.
Offline you can find the property in the newspaper, and online 99acres, MagicBricks, Housing, Common Floor, OLX Homes, you can see it from all these websites. You can take the help of social media for this. And you have to see the property through contact.
If you have a hard time building a database of any land or house property. Then all you have to do is look for the right customer for that property.

#4 How to find customers

Because you can grow your business only when you have customers. And this customer you can get through a lot –
  • You can open an office
  • The office should be in the right location where the customer can contact you quickly.
  • With small advertisements in newspapers
  • And continue the online ad
  • You can create your own website and promote Sylhet and from there you can get customers.

#5 How to work as a property dealer and how to make a profit

There are many types of property, usually there are four types of property.

1. Residential property

  • Apartment
  • Flat
  • Bungalow
  • Home
  • Residential property means where people live or people live


  • Shop for business
  • Showroom etc.


  • Place to set up factory manufacturing


You can rent or sell these properties. For this you need to show the customer the available property. First you do it yourself then when you grow up you can do it without hiring any employee. There is a lot of competition in this business, so if you give your business a little loose, your market can be taken over by someone else. And many people start this business and can’t grow it in a few days, so they skip the business. But we will say that if you give this business some time, your business will grow, and this business takes a while to grow, so don’t skip this business.
We hope you’ll find out what steps you, as a Real Estate Dealer, should take.
If you have any questions about the property dealer or anything else or if you need any help you can contact us, our business specialist will try to solve your problem.

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