How to Get a Patent in 10 Steps

How to Get a Patent in 10 Steps

How can I patent my invention for free | How to patent an idea for free

Hello friends! Welcome to our website, today we will let you know How to Get a Patent in 10 Steps.
You may have heard of patents, but did you know that patents are an intellectual property? Intellectual property is the right of the patent holder for a fixed period of time. This period is usually up to twenty years. And if you are a patent holder, you can use this patent to grow your business, or you can rent your patent, or sell your patent to another company. If you are a patent holder, no one may use your patent without your permission. And cannot be imported into your country at the same time.
You can renew your patent if you wish. You probably know what a patent means? If you have created a new invention, that invention is patented to keep it secure, so that no one else can use your invention without your permission. And for this you also need to know the process of patenting your invention, so today we will let you know how to patent your invention through this post. That’s why you read this post in full. Let’s get started and learn the step-by-step process of patenting your inventions.

What is your invention?

Your invention can be anything, be it an idea, a product, or a concept. First of all you write down the maximum details about your invention. And while writing the details, write the answers to the following questions –
  • What is your invention or idea?
  • How does it work?
  • Which problem will be solved in this idea?
  • What are its benefits?
  • What is this invention field?
  • What are its components?
You need to have a lab record of all such important information and details created with the question, and that record must have your signature and date along with your authority stamp.

Explain your invention

Create drawings, diagrams or sketches to explain your inventions, so that the workings of your inventions can be understood through visual illustration.

Can your invention be patented?

Find out if your invention can be patented, because not every invention can be patented in India, an invention that pollutes the environment, is harmful to humans, animals and plants cannot be patented. There are many inventions that cannot be patented, details of which inventions cannot be patented can be easily found by searching on Google.

Patentability Search

The patentability search is an optional criterion, but you can also find out if your invention is suitable for the patent criteria. The patent agent helps you with this, and you have to pay the fees to that patent agent, and the fees of this patent agent are about 12 thousand to 15 thousand rupees. Hey, the whole process will take 5 to 7 days to complete.

Patent drafting

As you may know, patent writing and patent drafting is a professional job, and experience is needed to create a good patent application. Once all the documents have been created you can go to the patent office and submit them, there should be no mistake while creating the application. For that you can check the application by the patent agent. This process can take about 8 to 15 days. And the fees for a patent attorney for creating a patent application can range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000. After the patent is drafted, the patent will be appealed to the Government Patent Office, whose receipt you will receive. And to submit a small fee to the government office. This measure is different for individual, small entity, or other category.


After completing the patent application, 18 months after the application is published, you do not have to pay any money during this time. But if you don’t want to wait 18 months but want to publish in a few days, you have to make an early publication request or pay a fee. The early publication request is followed by the publication of the patent application, usually within a month.

Request for examination

You have to request an exam to examine the patent application. After your request, the controller issues a patent examiner, which examines your patent application in different criteria, such as-
  • Is your invention patentable?
  • Is there Novelty in it?
  • Is IT capital for industrial application?
After looking at all this, the examiner makes a fast examination report, and this examination report is shortened to FER. These reports are submitted to the controller.

Response to Objection

Objections are given in many patent applications, which are mentioned in the examination report. And you can take the help of a patent agent to analyze these objections. And you have to give a return response to this objection, where you say that your invention satisfies all the patent criteria. Returning increases your chances of getting your application approved.

Objection cleared

If your response does not clear all objections to the patent application, you may request a hearing. And with this hearing request you can discuss with the examiner with the help of your patent agent to resolve the patent objection or make any change in the application.

Patent Approved

If your patent application passes all the criteria, meaning the objections in all your patent applications are resolved, then your patent application will be approved. And so you get a patent for your new invention, and no one can use your invention without your permission.
Friends, you may have understood through these ten steps how to patent your invention. And you can grow your business using your patents, just as pharmaceutical companies do.
For example, if a pharmaceutical company develops a new drug and that company has a patent for that drug, then no other company can sell that drug. And then even if that patent holder company sells the drug for 10 rupees for 1000 rupees, it will not have any competition.


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