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How to get My dream job without experience | What is your dream job sample answer

Hello friends! Welcome to our website, today we will let you know How to get your dream job.

Friends, we always give you strategies and tips on any subject, and like every time today, we will give you some important tips through this post, which you can use to make your dream job a dream company. Today through this post we will tell you about ten tips that you can use to get a job in a good company. For that you read our full post. Let’s learn step by step about how to get your dream job.

Before you know how to get your dream job in a good company, let’s find out some Scenario –

First Scenario

  • That’s the work you love to do.
  • And the work that you can do well.
  • But you are not getting good money for it.

In this case you will be as poor as life.

Second Scenario

  • You can do it well.
  • More money is available for this work.
  • But you don’t love to do this.
In this case, you have become as boring as life.

Third Scenario

  • That work you love
  • And the market pays more for that job.
  • But you can’t do that well.
Then in this case it is only your dream. That’s not your dream job, just a dream.
So today we will tell you how you can get your dream job in a good company with a good salary –

Do research about the company

The first point is that you do research on the company you want to work in, such as-

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Leadership
  • Milestone of the company
  • study about company
  • Visit the company’s website
  • Visit the company social media
  • Learn about company engagements
The more interest you have in that company, the more interesting your candidacy will be.

Understand the definition of a job

See the job description details, keep a close eye on the points below –
  • What will happen to your KRAs? (KEAs – Key Responsibility Areas)
  • What will be your KPIs? (KPIs – key Performance indicators)
  • What is the company expecting from you?
Find out the answers to these questions, if you know these points then the whole group will come to you for the interview.

Find out the details of your interview

When you ask the HR executive who will take your interview, if you can find out the name of your interviewer. Then you search for the interviewer’s profile on LinkedIn. And look at that profile in details, like-
  • Share what post?
  • What shared the article?
  • Have you shared any blogs?
After knowing all these information details, when you appreciate your interviewer, let him know about it in the details. Then he will like your IFO details. And the interview can be given by understanding the common questions of the interview such as-
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Why hire you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Tell us about your leadership skills?
  • When you have no experience, why hire you?
This way when you are ready to answer all these common questions, the interview will be much easier for you.

Give a recruitment-centric answer

In these four points, keep in mind that your interviewer must check your mentality. One is employee mentality and the other is Intrapreneur mentality.

Employee mentality

  • Employees are those who work
  • Employees focus on problems
  • Family is my family
  • Employees work hard
  • Employees are consumers
  • Employee push start – You say, then the employee will start working.
  • Works on time basis
  • Pay for time spent
  • Employees want to leave
  • Breakdown

Intrapre neur mentality

  • Ownership behavior
  • Intrapreneur focus on Action.
  • Organization is also my family
  • Smart Work
  • Contributor
  • Self Start – does its own thing
  • Task -Based
  • Pay for value creation
  • doesn’t want a leave
  • Breakthrough
When you answer questions to your interviewer, the interviewer will understand what your nature is about your behavior.

Perform a self-assessment

When you look at the company description for the job, you will see that –
  • What is the goal of the company, what does the company want to achieve from this job?
  • And what problem does the company want to solve from this job?

Hard skills and soft skills

When you go for an interview, you must know about your hard skills and soft skills first. And this is our 6th point. Hard skills are the skills that you can basically quantify, such as-
  • Degree
  • Certificate
  • Data mining
  • Accounting
  • Foreign language
  • Machine operation
  • Programming
  • Software testing
  • Budgeting
  • Business planning
  • Product development
All these skills are hard skills. Where your talent works.
And the soft skills are-
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Listening skills
  • Skills to talk to people
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
All these skills are soft skills. So check these from the beginning.

Ask intelligent questions

You find the opportunity and you ask a question that will make the interviewer think that this person is intelligent.

“Knowledge is the right answer, but Intelligent asks the right question.”

This means that a very simple, wise person always has the answer, but an intelligent person has the question. And if you ask a question, the interviewer may be impressed. You ask him such as-
What problems do you want to solve through this job?
Do you want to achieve this goal through this role?
The process of performance evolution?
The stronger the question you ask, the more it affects the person in front of you.

Salary negotiations

Don’t over-emphasize when it comes to salary negotiations. The reason-
With unrealistic salary hike, the person in front of you understands that the person has come to work only for money, he will not be able to create value in any way. So focus on creating value, it will become valuable automatic, while confidence will come in front of creating value.

Focus on resume

  • Keep an eye on your resume.
  • Write Lively and action oriented words.
  • Avoid long resume texts (don’t write resume long because the person who sees your resume doesn’t have much time to look at your resume, so write what you write short)
  • Use bullet points so that important points can be easily captured.
  • Write your experience in Sequence, and if you don’t have experience. So if you have an internship somewhere, you can add that intercept.
  • Write a cover letter with your exact position. It means you have skills, and the company needs your skills. Write a short cover letter about your resume and how the company needs to marry each other.
  • Your resume needs to be such that the person in front can understand it in a few seconds.
  • There is no need to write more details in the resume.
  • Don’t exaggerate
  • Mention clearly important achievements.
  • Add reference list – Add a reference list where your work, decision making, flexibility, punctuality, etc. will be written.

Register a good job website

If you register for a good job website, it will be much easier for you to find a job. Here you will find many benefits such as –
  • Free of cost opportunities
  • Auto notifications
  • All these websites have premium services and if you want you can have a better experience with their premium services.
The big job websites are, for example –
  • Monster
  • Times ascent
But if you’re new here, you know –
  • Internshala
  • Freelancer
  • Indeed
  • Upwork
Friends, there are many more job websites where you can register your portfolio. And by following all these points you can achieve your dream job. However, we are telling you one thing at the end, the more value you can give to that company, the more your opportunity will be.


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