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How to grow a youtube channel fast | Grow YouTube channel

What if you have a YouTube channel but your YouTube channel isn’t growing, or you’re confused if your channel dances for a long time? Then get rid of all these worries because today we will tell you how to grow youtube channel. That’s why you should read this post in full so that you can grow your YouTube channel quickly.

Create trending videos

Creating a trending video means that you need to know the latest information according to the category you have chosen for your YouTube channel so that you can make a good video based on that information. By doing this you can get leads in your field, and a lot of people can join your channel. For this, learn to sort out the viral content and first make a video on it. Always keep in mind that viral content is authentic and as such according to the category of your channel.

Your content needs to be useful and searchable

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And at the same time, your content should be useful and searchable, so that when a video is searched in the search engine of YouTube according to your category so that your video is there. And people search for what is useful and useful for them. If you understand this, then if you create content according to your viewers and audience, then your video will be seen by a lot of people, because people will benefit from it.
And keep in mind that when you want the benefits of your YouTube channel and you want to increase your YouTube channel, you need to see what the benefits are for the audience, and if you do, you will start getting better results in less time. And also remember that the sooner your content reaches the audience with consultancy, the more people will trust your video and channel.

Video quality needs to be impressive

After selecting your perfect category on YouTube and creating searchable content, you need to impress your video quality, improve the audio quality and visuals of your video. Just as audio quality needs to be cleared in your channel, video quality needs to be such that new viewers or audiences who come to your channel keep coming to your channel, and subscribing to your channel, without compromising on quality, and video audio and content better. Try to give quality.

Choose the right title

You need to choose the right title to grow your YouTube channel. In this digital world, you need to market your video properly to reach people, and the most important part of marketing is the presentation, and the content of your video is first determined by your video title. The title should be such that the ordinance is attracted to it and the video is ready to be opened. Instead of finalizing the title that comes to mind first, do a little research about the title and then give the title to your video. If the title is perfect then you will get more viewers and viewers means you will get more subscribers. And if you complete all these things, then the growth of your YouTube channel is final.
And videos that have titles like ‘How to‘ or ‘Best of‘ etc. have a better chance of being seen. And it is better if your video title is between 40 – 70 characters, and you have to do keyword placement at the beginning of the title. To search for keywords for youtube videos you can use – tube buddy or Google keyword planner, etc.

Use SEO properly.

It takes a lot to grow a YouTube channel so that when your video is searched on Google search engine it will be in a position where more people can click on your video and reach your video. For this you need to improve SEO properly. Use YouTube search without Google keyword planner or tube buddy to reach the target audience, and mention the keywords in your video. According to its algorithm, YouTube can understand which topic your video is on. And YouTube ranks your video according to view, like or comment, for this you will ask your audience to like and comment. Choose your channel and video category so that YouTube understands your video and which audience your video needs to reach.

Video description should pay more attention

Your video description can be a great help in boosting your channel. The description gives viewers all the information about your video, and helps you find your video viewers, as well as the topics you will discuss in your video. Instead of ignoring the description, create the right description with these points in mind so that the description of the correct writing can increase your views and watch time. Enter the most important keywords at the beginning of your description, and add them to the keyword description, but do not overstate the keyword description. In the first few lines of your video description, say what topic your video is on, use search-friendly keywords and natural language. You can give the social link in the description of your video. And you can add your related video description and use the hashtag (#) according to your video in the important part of your description.

Uses the end screen properly

End Screen is a powerful tool that can increase the watch time of your channel, because this end screen suggests your viewers to watch other videos of your channel, you can use it in the last 5 – 20 seconds of your video. By using the end screen, you can suggest your viewers to go to your channel’s playlist or any other channel, and remind the viewers to subscribe to your channel, you must use this end skin to get all these benefits.

Use the i button

You must use the (i) button in your video so that viewers can watch the preview video of your channel by clicking the i button. And view will increase.

Use YouTube analytics

With YouTube analytics you can find important information about your video like watch time, average views, audience retention, engagement, subscriber growth, viewers gender, etc., and at the same time you can improve your video. If you understand YouTube analytics and make a video, that video will be tailored to your target audience, and the audience will be satisfied with your video.

You need to publish your video at the right time

You need to publish your video at the right time, the best time to publish your video is the time when a large number of people watch your video, you can easily find it using YouTube analytics and at that best time you can publish your video. Among many experts this best time is considered to be 12pm – 4pm. Thursday or Friday is considered the best day to publish a video. And Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 11am seems to be the best time.

Use subtitle in your video

If you want to approach your video to the international level, take the help of transcription, and use it as a subtitle in your video so that viewers who know other languages can easily understand your video, and this will happen when the language barrier is removed. Your video will continue to receive more views.

Collaborate with brands and other creators

Many YouTube stars collaborate with other YouTubers to reach new audiences. And the benefit is that the operator’s subscribers continue to like and subscribe to your channel, because they trust that creator. And if you do, your YouTube channel will grow much faster. And keep in mind that as a cricketer your responsibility towards your audience increases even more.

Use Watermark in YouTube videos

Use watermarks in your videos that will promote your channel in each video. But to use a watermark on your YouTube channel, you must first verify your YouTube channel, and then you can upload the watermark.

Try live streaming

Live video viewers have more choices and with the live video, you can attract your audience more. For this, you can make videos like a webinar, live tutorial, QNA, or product demonstration, etc. according to your content category.

Use YouTube trailer

YouTube trailer is a short video that will attract new visitors to your Youtube channel and using good content in this 15 to 30 second short video, you can tell your visitors which category or topic you want to make a video on. And what will be the benefit of visitors if you join your channel and with this short video you can ask your visitors to subscribe to your channel.

How to promote youtube channel for free

You can promote your YouTube videos to grow your YouTube channel, and use the tips we provide.
  1. You can promote your YouTube channel with Google ads. But it will not count Watchtime to enable your Youtube monetization. You will get the first 2000-rupee ad coupon for Google ads, which will allow you to run the first 2000-rupee ads for free, So this is the example we have given as a free promotion method
  2. You can embed videos on your blog or website to promote videos from your YouTube channel, so that visitors to your website will view your YouTube videos.
  3. You can share videos from your YouTube channel on social media. This will get you better views and watch time on your videos, and may increase your subscribers.
  4. You can start a video series to promote your YouTube channel. Such a series attracts viewers and gives viewers a reason to come to your channel again and again. You can get more views on your videos by running the best contest on your youtube channel.
We’ve got a lot of tips on how to grow your YouTube channel. And if you follow these points well, you can grow your YouTube channel very quickly.
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