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How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

You’ve created a blog but no traffic is coming to your blog, and you’re wondering how to increase blog traffic fast. And maybe you publish good content but your blog is not growing, so what is the reason? So if you think you can’t write good content, is that enough to drive traffic to a blog? Not only this, with the help of good content you can increase your blog traffic. There are many reasons why you should not despair of blogging. And learn those simple and important blogging tips from this post, which will help increase traffic to your blog. And to know all these tips, you have to read this post in its entirety. So let’s start with those important and effective tips of blogging from these questions.

Is it easy to use your blog or website?

Everyone remembers to make their own website or blog attractive. But we forget that the website has to be easy to visit which means your website has to be user friendly. But your website will be easily accessible to users, and you will want to come to your blog, again and again, to keep your website clear on easy navigation. Use the search box of your website in a place where it can be easily seen so that readers can search the content of your choice. Make your blog mobile-friendly so that more users can come to your blog. Keep in mind that if users don’t like your website, and users have trouble using your website, it won’t be easy for your users to use.

It takes more time for your website to open

Because we all like speed is a little more, and it becomes more necessary when the user has the option of many more alternative sites. And here: the first one will get it ‘This formula will work, which means that visitors will want to go to the website that opens soon, and no one will want to go to sites that are very slow to open despite having great content. Increase the speed of your website for this because of this generation speed. And it is recommended by Google that its ranking will depend a lot on the speed of a website. For this, friends, increase the speed of your website. And you can use Pingdom, Google page speed insight to check the speed of your website. And even then if the speed of your website is slow then it can be a problem of your server. This requires good and proper hosting.

Write a blog on trending topics

Like YouTube you need to focus on the trending topic of blogging because everyone wants to know what’s going on around them right now. And at such times if you write authentic information on trending topics in your field in your unique style, your users will not be impressed by it, because you will provide them with what they need.

Do you really publish great content?

Do you write content aimed at your audience, which will be useful to your audience, and if the solution to the user problem is on your blog, or if the audience is so engaged in your blog does not care about the time. And if that happens then your blog will definitely grow. But if there is something missing then don’t understand these points –

  • Publish useful content
  • The headline is simple and the verb spells
  • Share variety instead of giving some kind of content.
  • Publish the best content on your website according to the competition in your field
  • Take the help of Visual so that the photos and videos are interesting to your users.
  • Keep your content light and interesting
  • Do not publish heavy word content, it is difficult for users to understand.
  • Write short paragraphs
  • Use a front that makes blogs easier to read
  • Add sub-headings to your blog and highlight important points.

This means that you create your blog in such a way that you can easily understand the content that you want to provide to your users. It’s a bit like your exam paper where you would take the exam in simple language like your own to convince the teacher that you get higher marks in the exam, and that’s exactly what you have to do here. Put the social media share button on your website today so that users can share your contacts on social media. And suggest users to let them know their ideas and opinions in the comment box.

Useful for your content search engine optimized

Your website needs to be search engine optimized so that your visitors can easily see your site and it can be easily searched in search engines, otherwise, if your content is not seen in search engines then someone will enter your content. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Meta description must be given
  • You need to index your website in Google Webmaster Tools or any other search engine webmaster tool.
  • Page titles must be up to 70 characters
  • You need to keep your website URL short
  • The main keyword must be added to the title
  • Need to do internal linking to the post

Do you use content analysis tools?

If you want to make your content the best and publish it every time, then you need to take the help of a content analysis tool. Which determines the performance, quality, tone of your content, and helps you reach relevant content to your audience every time. And for that you can use – Google analytics, Google webmaster tool. And there are many paid tools in the market that you can use.

Do you embed video on your website?

A good way to grow your blog is to make a video on the topic you have published on your blog, and embed that video on your website. This will increase the interest of your website visitors on your video and your website visitors will stay engaged for a long time, and that visitor will like to read the video as well as read the blog. This will benefit your website as well as your YouTube channel.

Use long-tail keywords

The long-tail keyword is very specific and it is 3 words and more. This keyboard contains your main keywords, and by using these keywords you can bring good traffic to your blog. And if you use it, you will face less competition. And it increases conversion rates. For example – ‘increase blog traffic’ is a short keyword and ‘how to increase blog traffic fast’ is a long-tail keyword. You can use tools like Google Autosuggestion or Google Keyword Planner, and Longtail keyword Pro to search for long-tail keywords.

Do you promote your blog on social media?

Use social media as the best marketing platform for marketing today. Being. For this you will promote your blog on other social platforms, and if you have not promoted your website on social media platforms, start now. And use the social media fruit button on your website. And make a personal connection with your audience through live video on social media. And you create a Facebook group that will support bloggers in your field. And you can collaborate with other bloggers.

Keep guest posts available

Guest posts are a great way to get your blog out to a lot of people. This allows you to post links to your website to other bloggers. And you can invite other bloggers for guest posts on your blog. You need to choose a blog whose audience will be similar to your blog, so that the audience of that blog wants to visit your blog.

Make backlinks to your blog

When a web page is linked to another page, it is called a backlink. The more backlinks a website has, the higher the ranking of that website in all search engines. Organic rankings are improved through backlinks, and traffic is increased. And try to create quality backlinks instead of creating a lot of backlinks to your website. You will not be able to create quality backlinks to your website through quality content and test posts.

Have you tried Paid campaign?

Social media and guest posts promote your blog but when you want your blog to reach a fast and targeted audience, you can use Paid campaign. Which promotes your website or blog through Paid Advertising type like PPC (Pay Per click) and PPI (Pay Per Impression).

Use e-mail newsletter

You can create direct connections with your users by using email newsletters. Because your visitors will receive new updates of your website through direct email messages, everyone checks the email but you have to keep in mind that you will only send your email to the interested user. Because this email newsletter is useless for all the users who will not need your blog post, and it can edit them. And users need to use the notification plugin on your website or blog to provide the latest information on your blog.

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