How to promote an affiliate offer with Google Ads


Promote Affiliate Offers With Google Paid Ads

Friends, today we will tell you how to promote an affiliate offer with Google Ads, so let’s get started on how to promote an affiliate product.

Now is the time for everyone to earn money, and affiliate marketing is a good and profitable way to earn that money. Many people join affiliate marketing platforms to make money, but they do not understand how to promote that accidental product and so they do not earn anything from affiliate marketing. And they then move away from affiliate marketing.

Friends, today we have brought you in this post how you can promote your affiliate products. Although today we will say that method to promote affiliate products is not free, you need to have a small amount of money to use this method. And today we will use the Google ads (AdWords) platform to promote your affiliate products. Today we will know How to promote an affiliate offer with Google Ads and also know what rules you have to follow. So friends, let’s get started and find out how you can promote your affiliate product through Google ads (AdWords).

Why use Google paid ads

Use Google’s paid ads because between 2020 and 2021, Google’s search engine saw about 62% of desktop searches and about 93% of mobile searches. And since the biggest search engine is Google, you can understand why you use Google paid ads.

It will be more convenient to promote your affiliate product where there are more Google users, and the advertising cost of Google paid ads is much lower than other advertising platforms. And in this advertisement, you will get many options first. Here you will find all the adaptations – video ads, text ads, website traffic increase, display ads, etc.

Find out if the affiliate program platform allows paid ads to be used.

In the previous step, you know why Google is being used to promote affiliate products. Now it is necessary to know whether the platform that you have joined the affiliate program allows you to use paid ads in any way. This is important to know because there are many affiliate program companies that do not offer all these advertisements, and if you advertise with the affiliate links of all those affiliate programs then your affiliate account is likely to be banned. So before doing all these advertisements, read the affiliate policy of the company whose affiliate program you use. And then if you see that the company also does all these advertisements then you can promote that affiliate link through Google ads.

Some companies allow paid advertising traffic but you have to go to your own website and not directly to their landing pages. For others, you can set up advertising campaigns that link directly to their site. In fact, some may even encourage you to do so.

Again there are many companies that allow you paid advertising traffic but in this case, you have to use your own website, you don’t have to give the landing pages of all those affiliate programs.

You need to find the most reliable information about the rules and guidelines because it will depend entirely on you. And if you don’t follow the rules and guidelines, you may be banned. And if you have earned some money in that affiliate program, you may not get that money. This is why you need to read their rules and guidelines carefully.

See if Google Ad will accept your ads

Google Ad often suspends your account or ads for your small mistakes. Again, sometimes your ads may be rejected. So read the Google ads guidelines carefully. So you can run your ad campaign well, And you can earn good money by promoting your affiliate posts.

Create a website

You need to create a website because as we have said before many affiliate programs do not allow them to use direct link advertising and for this, you need to create a website. And here you have to create a landing page where you will write the details about that affiliate product. And for this website, you need a domain and hosting with which you can create a proper website. And if you want to create a website for free, you can see our previous post where we explained how you can create a website for free. And with that free website, you can create landing pages for your affiliate products. We are giving below the link to our previous post. If you have not read that post, then you must read that post.

If you have completed all these steps, then it is time to promote your website through Google Ad (AdWords). And first of all, you need to create a Google ads account to run Google ads  (AdWords).

Create a Google Ads account


To create an advertising account on Google, you can type Google ads into the Google search engine or type And you then create a Google ads account.

Create ad campaign

After creating a Google ad account, you then create an ad campaign. To create an ad campaign, you must first click on the “New campaign” button.


Select Campaign type

Clicking on the “New campaign” button will open a new page where you can choose an ad campaign of your choice.


We chose the “website traffic” campaign to promote affiliate programs here. And then you have to select a campaign type for your advertisement.


You can see the details of each campaign type there. You can choose a campaign type of your choice. We selected the “search” campaign type to promote the affiliate program here. And then you have to click on “continue“.

“Search” campaign type means that when a user types your selected keyword in Google, he will have an ad show for your website. And this ad campaign is a text ads.

Ad campaign name

And then you have to give a name for your campaign. We have named the campaign here “Affiliate product promote”.

Set up an ad group

Select targeting audience and language

And then you have to select your target audience, select the location where you want your ad to run, and select the language in which your website is to be selected.

Ad budget and bidding

And then you have to select how much money you want to spend on advertising in one day. We want to spend 100 rupees a day on advertising here. And then you have to pay the target bid for your ad. And bidding we will take “Clicks“, and then set the maximum cost per click bid limit. And here we will keep the maximum cost per click 8.00 rupees. And then we will click on the “save and continue” option.

Targeting  keywords 

We have named our ad group here “affiliate“, you can name it as you like. And then you need to select the keyword for your ad. And if you paste the URL of your website, Google Automatic will take the keywords according to the category of your website, and you can also give the keywords here manually, and it will depend entirely on you. We’ve pasted the URL of our website here for keywords, and we’ve got a lot of keywords. And then we will click on the “save and continue” option again.

Create ads

And then you have to give the final URL, display URL, headline, description for your ad. And everything you edit here you will see a preview next to it.
The headlines that you write here will be shown in your ad. And here are some headline examples to illustrate. We used our ad campaign with the headline “Affiliate product, best, for you“.
And after completing all these, you will click on the “save and continue” option again.
And then ready to publish your ad campaign. Now you click on the “Publish” option. And then your ad is completely ready. Then your ad will be reviewed and then your ad will be late in the Google search engine.
So friends we hope this post of ours will be useful for you. And you understand How to promote an affiliate offer with Google Ads. And subscribe to our website to get such post time to time updates. And comment and share to increase our enthusiasm. Thanks for reading our full post.

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