How to Sell A Domain Name – Complete Guide


How to Sell Domain | Beginners Guide

We have already said how to register a domain and today we will tell you how to sell a domain.

There are many ways you can sell a domain. And if you want to do professional domain wrestling business, you have to follow all the steps. Only then can you start a domain wrestling business in a very professional way.

The first step

First you buy a domain name and search on Google to find out which companies have an interest in the domain of that name or which people have an interest.

Example: Suppose you have purchased a domain name called Any company with a domain name like this would be interested in selling used cars. Or if you bought a domain name this car name will not be bought by any car company. Which company will buy the domain name that is associated with the event management.

 If there are any companies interested in your domain name, contact them and talk to them. Say you have an domain. Would you like to take this domain?

The second step

Domain parking

 Example: Suppose you buy a plot or land, you will sell the land, then you put a board on that land because so that everyone understands that this land will be sold.

 Similarly Domain parking Here a board is put on your domain that this domain will be sold. What happens when you park there is a massage that this domain will be sold.

There are many websites for domain parking. You can search on Google which is the best domain parking website.

Domain parking website

 However we would like to give you an offer you can do domain parking on a website called DAN.COM. makes you a beautiful page. You can put a fixed price here as per your wish or you can sell the offer like someone who likes to see your domain, he will talk to you, if you like your price, you can sell it or not.

There are many more such websites

If you complete all these processes, your chances of your domain being sold out will increase.

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