How to start a domain reselling business.


How to start a domain reselling business.

The domain reselling business is a little different than all the other businesses.  Only those who have a little idea about IT can start this business well.  Honestly, this business is not for those who do not know what Domain means, who have no idea about IT.  But they can’t do this business. It’s not like this, it just takes a little longer to understand this business.

What is Domain?

Domain is an address that identifies a website. With which we can enter a specific website. Without Domain you can never make a website.

What do you need to start this business.

Experience about Domain

First of all, you must have experience about your Domain. Domain should have Janana what kind of. Such as .com, .in, .net,, .co, etc. In this domain .com Domain is notable.


Domain Market Research

Domain will have to study a little research in the market that Domain will now run in the market. How Domain can take a company. You have to do a little research on this.

How to buy Domain

You can open an account on the website of such company by selling any domain for purchase of Domain. Such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock etc.

How to sell Domain

After purchasing Domain, all companies who resell Domain will register Domain to Domain to Domain to Domain so that this domain will be able to understand that the person or the company will be interested in buying your purchased Domain. Then you will sell the domain with them and sell the domain.

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