How To Start A Pharma Business

How To Start A Pharma Business

How to start a pharma company in India | Minimum investment to start a pharma company

Hello friends, welcome to our website, we tell you about our new business every time through this website and the way to grow the business. And today we are going to tell you about such a business. Friends, today we will tell you How To Start A Pharma Business.
The basic necessities we have in the world will never end. Because we cannot live without those essentials. Just as we need food, clothing and shelter to survive, so there are many other essentials that have a direct connection to our lives, and that is medicine. Now medical science has advanced so much that it can give people a long life. Impossible Someone is now doing medical science possible.
Plague, polio, and smallpox were once called epidemics, but today we are able to control them. And this has been possible due to the progress of medical science. Pharmaceutical companies are inventing new drugs every day to save lives. And as long as there are people, there will be a need for medicine. And this is why this field is a field where there are many types of business opportunities. So today we are going to discuss a complete case study about pharmaceutical companies, from which you can learn how to start your own pharmaceutical company. So friends you read this post in full. Let’s get started friends and find out how to start a pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical Industry Volume

Let’s first find out how big the Indian pharmaceutical company is, now if we only catch India’s domestic area, india’s pharmaceutical company is about 20 billion dollar. Its growth rate is such that experts expect the Indian pharmaceutical sector to exceed about $100 billion by 2025 and the medical device market by about $25 billion. And the central government is trying to further boost the growth of this industry by investing in FDI (foreign direct investment) in pharmaceutical companies.
India is well ahead in the pharmaceutical industry, exporting about 16 16 billion last year. Among the pharmaceutical exports, India supplies surgical products, intermediates, drug formulations, bulk drugs, biologicals, ayush and herbal products. If you start this business at this time then this business may prove to be profitable for you.
Maybe after hearing these words you are wondering if anyone can open a pharmaceutical company? Let’s find out the answer to that question.

Who can open a pharmaceutical company

Can anyone open a pharmaceutical company? So the answer to this question is if you can follow the guideline issued by the government and you have the necessary documents, then anyone can open a pharmaceutical company. It is good to know that pharmaceutical companies usually work on three types of things –
  • Biotechnology research and development
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug marketing
Before opening a pharmaceutical company, you need to understand some basic things that you will discuss.

Marketing research

Before starting any business, you need to research the market of that business field, just like a good swimmer is one who knows the depth of the water before going into the water. And that’s how it is with business. And this method is also issued in pharmaceutical companies. It is important to understand the current market scenario before entering the pharmaceutical market. What is the market requirement and who is your competitor and what can you give to the market that is new, which has not yet exited the market. The better your work at all of these things, the more profitable your business will be.
Industry setup Everything from where you do it to finding a location is important.

Proper Business plan

For any business, you need to have a proper business plan. To be a champion, you need to have a game plan. A game plan means a solid business plan, such as-
What will your company profile look like?
What will your company deal with?
Manufacturing unit or marketing unit
What will be the long term goal of your company?
What makes you different from others?
After knowing the answers to all these questions, you need to make a blueprint of everything in the company’s mission or vision. Which will help your company run smart or smooth way.

Pharma company type

As there are two types of pharmaceutical companies, one is that which manufactures drugs means the production and manufacturing of drugs, such as lupine pharma, Intas, Glenmark. And the other is the marketing company, the job of the marketing company is to reach the product market of the manufacturing company, and to do the branding and marketing of that company, such as cipla, Mankind.
You may have seen medical representatives in big doctors or hospital clinics almost all the time, all these companies work in pharmaceutical marketing.
And after knowing all this, you may have got an idea about a pharmaceutical company. Let us know the next point which is very important for a pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical company license

The most important of the necessary licenses and registrations to run a pharma company are wholesale drug license, GST registration, company or firm registration, trademark registration, fssai registration.
Different states have different rules for getting a drug license in India. The easiest way is to contact your area drug inspector, who will give you complete information on how to get a pharmaceutical company license, and what documents will be needed to get a license. And if you can’t take that much load, then you can hire a pharmacist who will do all these things for you.
Let us know for your information if you have a degree in B Pharm or M Pharm and also have experience working in a company. Then you can do this easily. Because if you work for a company and you have an accident, you will have almost all the knowledge about that company. You will already have a little knowledge about where the raw materials of the company come from, how the production is done, how the company markets its drugs, how much is the profit margin of the company and how much is the demand in the market, etc. If a pharmaceutical company needs the following licenses to get a license-
  • Laboratory license
  • Manufacturing license
  • Wholesale drug license
  • GST registration

You will need to have all these licenses to make a pharmaceutical company.

So far we have learned how to get a license from a pharma company. Let us know how to register pharma company.

Pharma company registration

Before starting any company, you have to register your company with the Central Government. And what the company has to do in ACT,
  • Digital signature certificate,
  • Director Identification Number,
  • PAN card,
  • TAN (tax deduction and collection number)
As proof of identity
Aadhaar card
Voter ID card
PAN card
Driving license
You can take any one of these as proof of identity. And how to register a private limited company, we have given in our previous post the link we will give below this post –

Pharmaceutical company trademark registration

Any company has to register the trademark of the company to create a brand. The trademark of your company is the uniqueness of your business, in which no one can open another company in the name of your company so it is necessary for every company to take the trademark.

Pharma company fssai license

If you make any food product in your company then you have to get the license of fssai (food safety and standards authority of India). To get a food safety license you will need the following information –
  • Complete Form B.
  • List of food category
  • List of directors
  • Photo id and address Proof
  • Partnership deed
  • Responsible person authority letter
  • Where the company is being formed its sale deed or rent agreement.
  • AMOA
  • AOA
You will need all these documents to get a food license.

Pharma company investment

It costs a good amount of money to open a pharmaceutical company, which can reach billions of rupees. Although three types of investments are required for a company –
Capital investment – Capital investment will include rent, any bills, staff and salary, daily expenses, loan installment, marketing and promotional.
Fixed capital investment – This is a one-time investment that will cover the cost of building, transport, and equipment for your company. Fixed capital investment may be different for marketing companies and manufacturing companies.
Inventory investment – Under inventory investment you will get all the costs that will be used for manufacturing your company, such as: production cost, raw materials.
Starting a small pharmaceutical company can cost Rs 1-2 crore, and opening a large pharmaceutical company can cost you as much as you need. And it may be that you need a business partner. You can get practical knowledge of all these things from a company if you work there. Therefore, if you are a working professional in the pharmaceutical field, it will be much easier for you to work.

Pharmaceutical company bank loan

Now is the time to take a loan from a bank to start any legal business. And business loans offer banking, both government and private. You can go to any bank and look for a loan. Then you can take a loan for your business in your suitable bank.
Pharmaceutical companies are subsidized by the Central Government Department of Pharmaceutical for opening. And you can see the details about this by visiting the website

Pharmaceutical companies are essential things

If a company channel is talking about essentials, it will need your manufacturing unit, and will need experience staff, product lines, lab equipment, office accessories, workers, security, drivers, as well as other necessary manpower. You also need to take NOC for electricity, water supply and manufacturing units so that you do not have to worry about any problems later.

Pharma company branding on marketing

Any company needs a company brand and marketing that makes the company grow. And there are many companies in the pharmaceutical company that only do the production and the marketing and branding of that company is done by another company. And some companies do both. So what you create your identity and your company’s working criteria will depend entirely on you.
Knowing all this has given us a basic knowledge of how to start a pharmaceutical company. Now the biggest question is pharmaceutical company profitable? Let’s find out the answer to this question.

Pharmaceutical company profitable

What makes a pharmaceutical company profitable? The answer is yes, pharmaceutical companies make so much profit that you can’t even imagine. If you ever have the chance, you will ask a businessman who is a well known pharmaceutical businessman in Ansar and he will tell you the whole story. Let us explain to you, suppose a generic medicine costs 10 rupees, then the pharmaceutical company sells that medicine for 5 to 10 times more. Last year, Cipla company turnover was around Rs 13900 crore.

Pharmaceutical industry career

If we talk about the career of the pharmaceutical industry, then like every other industry, this industry also has a lot of career options, such as-
  • Pharmacist
  • Medical scientist
  • Sales representative
  • Medical representative
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Technical researcher
  • Regularity operator officer
  • Supply chain
  • Logistic
Pharmaceutical companies need all these manpower later. It also requires a lot more manpower which you can find out if you do a little research. And professionals and skill people are hired separately to run the office setup.
And as long as a person lives, he will need medicine at least once in his life. That’s why a pharmaceutical company is a very good business opportunity, in which if you get on the field with the right game plan, no one can stop you from succeeding.


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