How To Start Animation Company

How To Start Animation Company

How do you start a small animation business? I want to start my own animation studio

Friends, you can see different types of business ideas and unique marketing strategies on our website. And today we are going to tell you about such a business. Today we will tell you How To Start an Animation Company.

Maybe you all spent your childhood watching cartoons. And if we talk about today’s kids, then from cartoon channels to YouTube, kids enjoy cartoons immensely. Cartoons are technically called animation and are used almost everywhere today. Cartoons are being used in entertainment, advertisement, news media, film, design, education, etc. Today we want to know the full case study about the animation business in front of you. So today we will tell you how you can start an animation business, and create your own animation company. So read this case study post in full, so that you can increase your knowledge in another sector today. So friends stay with us till the end and learn how to start an animation business, so the first thing you need to know is what is animation?

What is animation?

If we want to know the principle of animation, then a still picture is used for admission whose movement creates an illusion. There is no difference in all the pictures, and when the sequence of pictures is played continuously, we see it as a video. And this moving video is called animation. Nowadays, the animation is used in almost every field, and as its use grows, so does the demand for it.
And if we talk about Indian Animation and VFX, the valuation of the animation business in 2019 was $95 billion, and it is expected that by 2023 – 2024 it will increase to $156 billion. Without animation in TV, film, communication, or any sector, it is difficult to take a step longer. 
Animation is a kind of art and talent animation through which reality can be seen in cartoon format, which makes the cartoon video more effective. And as we read, our brains remember better what we see and hear.

Use of animation

The use of animation is not only used in animated films or cartoons, but we can say that more than 90% of films and television shows cannot be created without visual effects, both film and television shows use visual effects. So friends, if you want to start your own business in this fastest-growing industry, you need to keep in mind some important points, which we will tell you now. With that in mind, you can start your own animation business.

You recognize your talent and interest.

The area of animation is so large that you must first find out what your interests and preferences are –
  • Sketch artist
  • Programming
  • Coding
  • Graphic designing
  • Illustration
  • VFX, editing
In addition to these, there are many more segments where you can improve your skills later, and you can serve your client all of these things.
And you can also find and serve your clients in sectors like the education sector, film making, advertisement, news media, etc. These are the discussions about Individual Services, let’s find out about the team.

Your animation business team

If you are an animation expert and want to open your own studio or animation company. Then it will not only be through you alone, but you will also have to hire different experts for different recruitments because in order to run an animation company you have to employ them who know different technologies and skills. So that you can be a complete solution provider for your client. After knowing the role of the team, let’s know the name of the company.

Company name

Whether you provide individual services or open a studio, or create your own animation company, no matter which way you start, you need to have a name for your startup. And keep the name a little creative so that it reflects your brand name well. You can think of your company name as your specialty. Hey, you want a proper plan to do everything.

Animation Company Proper Plan

And you want a good plan to do all this. So, first of all, you need to make a plan for your business, such as –
  • What will be the company strategy?
  • What will be the work of the company?
  • What will be the main focus of the company?
  • How about marketing?
  • Which services and products will the company deal with?
  • What will be the location of the company?
  • In which sector will the company provide its services?
All of these things say that the better you think about it, the better off you will get started.

Animation business budget

Animation requires a good budget, to work on technologies like animation and VFX you need to invest some money for your high-performance machine, software, license, working professional hire, all these things. And you also have to pay for branding, marketing, and staffing costs. So after doing all this planning, this time you have to create a portfolio for you and your company.

Animation Company Profile

In the process, you have to give your working profile, which means what kind of work you have done, what kind of work you can do. And also create your work profile by combining the work delivered to the clients. After delivery, publish it through social media, public gatherings, advertising, etc. So that your work can reach the people, in this case, it will be an advantage to take the project in your market. And by doing so, your relationship will grow and with it your business will grow. And after doing all this, this time it is time to choose the office location.

Animation company office location

Office location matters a lot to your company, so your studio needs to be in a place where you can work well and be budget-friendly so that you can easily reach people and customers. After selecting the location and fixing the company name, you need to register your company name.

Animation Company Name Registration

We have informed you in all our posts about how to register a company name, you need to have a unique company name to register a company name. And below is the link to the post we have already made about the registration process –

Animation Professional Benefits

If you start your own animation business and if you have studied in the field of animation or have become a professional, then the way to start and move your business forward will be much easier. You can take knowledge of animation by doing a degree bar diploma course, and for admission, you need to pass 12, for many more institutes take the entrance exam. If you want to take an exam to do an animation course or degree, you have to apply.
To study animation, a candidate needs to have good observation skills, and at the same time, the candidate has to be creative. And if you have a drawing and sketching skills, then you will have an advantage in editing. And the most important thing is patience and concentration because making a cartoon or animation requires patience and concentration. And at the same time, you need to have good communication skills to understand your client and explain your project.
Animation requires information about your computer and different software. And remember that teamwork will always benefit you. To start your own business in an animation company, you first need to work in a profile like an animator, graphic designer, VFX, editing, sketch artist, etc. Then you can understand this business better.
If you know how to use animation in film making, interior design, advertising, media, etc. What is the demand in the field, you can take your business in the right direction?

Animation company career

If we talk about the career of an animation company, the animation is a field that employs a lot of people, so after getting a degree and diploma in animation, one can work in many positions in an animation company such as –
  • Artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Animator
  • Producers
  • Technicians
  • And there are more different options.
Starting salary in an animation company can be from around Rs 16,000 to Rs 25,000. And as your knowledge and experience grow, so will your pay. You can enhance your experience by doing animation or freelancing work in any company. It is much easier to cite through animation than to give real-life examples, and it costs less. There is no need to hire an actor, no need to go to any location, and no need to make a set. Therefore, making things through animation costs a lot less than shooting in real life, it just requires your technical team. There is a huge demand for animation in almost all fields like cartoon channel movie industries, medical, education, etc. And if you provide services according to the client’s requirements, then no one can stop you from growing your business.


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