How to start blog – Complete Guide

blogging for beginners – Select Niche, Best Platform fully Explain


How to create a Blog

Today we will discuss about that blog. I will give some more information about the blog. From which you can earn money. And you can do blogging full time and part-time. You can do any job you want to blog.

Definition of Blog

A blog (an abbreviated version of a “weblog”) is an online journal or information website that displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual topic.

How to select Niche

When it comes to blogging, first of all I have to select which subject you will be blogging about. We would say that the best thing about blogging is that the category that you like or that you like to write about, you will niche your blogging. Many people cannot succeed by running after money. If you write and publish the content of your blog yourself, then you should post the content of your choice. And then if you spell a team to do your blogging, you can blog about more other topics.

Which is the best Platform

There are many platforms for blogging, but we will talk about some of them.

If you want you can also publish your blog content through YouTube, YouTube is the best platform to publish content. Because, YouTube has a much larger audience. It may take a little longer for your competition to grow, but if you write the right content and if your content has uniqueness, you will grow. is the number one blogging platform for blogging, you can start with very little money, all you need is a hosting and you need to install WordPress in the hosting.


Blogger is a blogging site where you can create your own blog and it is totally free. There is no cost to post a blog here, here you will get a free subdomain and you will have the option to add custom comments, where you can use the domain of your choice. Can. And whatever hosting you use will use Blogger’s own hosting, it will speed up your web page a little bit. Because it’s Google’s own hosting. However, if you do not post any illegal content here, your account may be suspended.

It is also a blogging platform where you can create blogs for free. And you will get a subdomain here and here you will also get the benefit of adding a custom domain. However, you will not get as many benefits here as Blogger to be free. However, you can get the premium version here, for which you have to spend some amount of money. Here too you will not be able to post any illegal content as it may suspend your account.


Medium is also a blogging site where you can post your blog. This is the best community. However, you are not given any option to add any design layout or any of your custom domains. It’s as simple as posting on social media. However, here you can rank your previous site articles. But it’s great for people who want to make a brand for themselves because a lot of people come here just to read the content.

How to select Domain

You will select a domain that will be related to your niche. And select a slightly higher level domain because you can quickly rank in it, and you will get approval from any ad network quickly.

Examples:,,,, etc.

As we said earlier about domain research, you can find out more about a domain by visiting our post. So click on the link below and learn more about domain research.

Bonus Tips: 

Those who are still in school or college can take blogging as a passion, but you should not give up studying and give full time to blogging. They try to manage both together.

And anyone who is doing a job but wants more extra income with it can join that blogging. Then you can do blogging as a part-time job because you will get an extra income in a month.

And those who want to make blogging full time can do it, no problem, but an only full time when you can earn a good amount from blogging. Or you can continue to try to make blogging a full time so that you can earn a maximum from blogging.

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