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How to write a blog – With Full Information

Today we are going to tell you about a topic that almost everyone wants to know. And these are the people who have just started a new blog or want to blog, you will know how to write a blog post. Friends, if you have read our previous post, then we have given some basic information about the blog. I am giving that post below. If you have not read those posts, then you must read those previous posts. From there you will get ideas about what is a blog.

Blogging is a way of making money where you don’t have a boss, who always tells you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You are the owner of this profession, and you have complete freedom to work here. For this reason, today’s young people are choosing to build their own careers in blogging, so that they can work as themselves.

However, like other professions, you have to work hard in blogging, and giving more time to this profession will be beneficial for you. Blogging requires a lot of patience, you have to rely on your talent and hard work and work regularly until you get success here. The most important thing after creating your own blog is your first blog post. Because when a visitor comes to your blog, the visitor will first see the content of your website or blog, what you have written on a topic. To be successful in blogging, you need to know how to write a blog. And if you can’t find the answers to these questions, then you must read this post in its entirety.

We are confident that you will find the answers to your questions in this post. So let’s get started on how to write a blog. And the first thing we need to know is what to look for when writing a blog.

When a new blogger creates his own blog, his next task is to write a post for that blog and what we all call articles.

What a blog post

All the articles that are written on different topics in any blog are called blog posts. A blog post is a piece of content written in the form of text, graphics, image, or video.

For whatever purpose you create your blogs for, such as for personal work or business, the content of your blog plays an important role in the success of your blog. The first post of any blog is to understand what information can be found on that blog –

Such as:

  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Gadgets review
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Education
  • Blogging
  • Internet etc.
You can build your blog on any topic. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that after reading your first post users want him to come back to your blog again, and not get frustrated and go back.
You need to make sure that the information that users want is available on your blog. Because then your blog post will rank on the first page of Google. Hey, if you do this, a lot of traffic will start coming to your blog.

How to write an article

People don’t plan on starting a blog on what topic they will write the first article on. But when it comes time to write, you don’t understand how to start writing an article, when to give any information, and what to write in it, and how many words you will write the article on.
You may have done a lot of research before creating a blog, and you know that Google or other search engines put articles on the fast page that are as long as the content of all the blogs is unique and long. For this reason, there are many problems when writing a blogger’s article before starting a blog. So today we will give you some necessary tips to reduce these problems, and by applying these tips you will be able to write a good and interactive article. So let’s start with some important tips for writing articles.

How To Choose Right Blog Topic

Before writing any article, you have to choose a topic that very few people have written about or write on a topic that has a high search volume, search volume means that the topic that people search more. There are some web sites where you can find search volume on any topic for free. And those websites tell you some average monthly searches, what percentage of people have searched for that topic, and also tell you what the competition is for that topic (high, medium, low). And all these free tools are –

High competition keyword

High competition keyword means that if you are writing an article on a topic or topic or the type of keyword you have set the competition is high, then you can not easily rank Google on that topic. Because great bloggers have written articles on that topic from the very beginning.

Medium competition keyword

Medium competition keyword means that if you have written articles on all the topics or the keywords you have targeted, if all of them are medium competition then you can rank in those keywords but it will not be easy for you to work hard. Will. Because people don’t write much on all these topics.

Low competition keywords

Low competition keywords mean that the competition for all the topics you have written articles on or the keywords you are targeting is low, which means you can easily rank your blog with these keywords. Because in all these cricket shots, no one writes, or even if they write, very few bloggers write. And if you are a beginner then these keywords will be very profitable for you, and as a beginner, you should target all these keywords.

How to choose keywords

After knowing the topic, now you have to choose your keywords so that you can place those keywords in your article. And you can use some tools to choose keywords –

how to collect information for blog

You have chosen a topic and based on that you have chosen keywords. Now it is time for you to gather information on that topic. If you choose articles that you have knowledge of, but you need to gather more information about that topic, then you can provide complete information on that topic in your article. For this, you need to read 5 to 6 articles related to that topic from other blogs. But here you have to keep in mind that you will not copy and paste articles, but you will only collect information from those articles. And after collecting the information, you will write that article in a unique way in your style. And write the article in such a way that those who are interested in reading that article.

Create article structures

After collecting all the information about your article related to the topic, you need to create a structure for your article. There you will write these important things –
  • The main heading of your article
  • And then what will be subheading
  • And where to give such information
One by one you have to write in a simple form so that people like to read the article and at the same time get the right information.

Article introduction structure

Note that you need to write an introduction to your post before writing the main heading. You should put the intro in lines 5 to 7 so that people understand what you are going to give information on in this article. And you need to apply a keyword related to your topic in your intro that you have researched and selected.
The introduction then enters the main heading and then the subheading. As you can see in this post our main heading is ‘How to write a blog post: Step-by-step‘ and then our subheading is ‘What a blog post, How to write an article‘ etc. Apply keywords related to the post. And keep those keywords bold, so that it becomes easy for your article to be ranked on Google’s page.

How many words is a standard article

The article does not specify how many words you will write. But many great specialist bloggers have found that Google and other search engines give more importance to posts written in words ranging from 600 words to 2000 words or more. For this, it would be better if you write your article in a maximum of 600 words. And do not write an article that is not useful to increase the word. Try to write as many useful articles as possible.

Article image

After you have written the whole article, you need to add one or more images to your post, and that image should be related to your content. And you have to use an image for your article that does not have copyright on it, and if you continue to put any image on your blog, then your blog will become a copyright issue. You will get images from many websites for free, and if you use those images you will not have any copyright on your blog. You can use these websites to download images for free, and downloading images from these websites will not be a copyright issue on your blog –
If you want you can use Paid websites for images it will depend entirely on you.
You have written the article and you have given the main heading, subheading, keyword or conclusion and with that, you have added the image to your article, and after completing all these things your article is ready, now you have to publish your article. And in order for your content to reach a large audience, you need to share your article on social media.
Friends, you can’t be a good blogger just by creating a blog, for this, you have to publish good useful content on your blog every day so that your audience is happy with your work and at the same time those articles help your audience. And remember that you should not take articles from someone else’s blog to your own blog, but write a unique and interesting article in your own thoughts and words. There is no need to rush into writing an article, no matter how long it takes you to write an article, you need to prepare good and quality content.
So friends we hope this post of ours will be useful for you. And you understand how to write a blog post. And subscribe to our website to get such post time to time updates. And comment and share to increase our enthusiasm. Thanks for reading our full post.

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