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India Edge drones, expert locust – Check galaxy.

Desert locust infestations have hit large areas of India and Pakistan amid the coronavirus epidemic.
 Large and invasive insects of this grain-eating short-horned insect have invaded more than two dozen districts across more than 50,000 hectares of desert area in the west.  Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are the worst affected states.
 Authorities in neighboring Pakistan declared a state of emergency in February, saying the locusts population was the worst in more than two decades.  Local reports said farmers.
 New Delhi: A swarm of desert locusts.
 The Jaipur that was hit on Monday morning could head towards the capital if the wind speed remains favorable.  The worst-hit states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have been alerted to such tremors.
 Typically, desert locusts are seen from west to Rajasthan and Gujarat from June to November, but they are first seen in the locusts of the Union Ministry of Agriculture.
 There have been nine Skype meetings between the two sides since April, which were also attended by plant-protection officials from Afghanistan and Iran, a senior Indian official told me.
 Warning Agency (LWO) in April.  The bigger thing is that they are usually either solitary or in small groups, which means the current hanging is abnormal.
 It is learned that despite the urbanization from entomologists, the impact on Delhi could be severe as 22% of the area is covered with greenery, which could provide carving material for locusts.  On Monday, LWO Deputy Director KL Gurjar said, “If the wind speed and direction are favorable, locusts are likely to move towards Delhi in the next few days.”  To this day, wind speeds have carried them north.  “
 The second wave of locusts attacks has also hit East Africa.  Regional economic powerhouses in Kenya, including Ethiopia, the second most populous country in Africa, and politically unstable Somalia – are among the most affected.  So in India it has been and is being arranged.
 And it is thought that the green areas of Delhi could be severely affected.  Very small, a swarm of locusts of one square kilometer can feed about 35,000 people a day, “Faisal added, adding that in the past they were known to affect water supply and railways. After their attack, the railways became slippery and needed to be cleaned.  “A locust can lay up to 500 eggs. We need to address not only the wetlands but also their breeding grounds,” said Sohail Madan of the Bombay Natural History Society.  Insects that relied on the same tree for survival Experts say that 150 million locusts per square kilometer can be carried in the air for 150 minutes, experts say.

Desert locust attacks have hit large areas of India and Pakistan amid the coronavirus epidemic.  So we are saying that we mean the Check galaxy team is requesting the people of india to cooperate with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.
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