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How to develop a magnetic personality – Beginners Guide

We have given you business tips and different business ideas. Today we will give you 12 tips on doing Magnetic Personality, today we will tell you what you do wrong while doing business, through these twelve points we will discuss some of the mistakes you make while doing business, and from these points you can Find Business Tips.

#1 Believe that I have succeeded

When a person has such a mentality that he puts his personality behind any success, he claims that he is the only reason behind those successes, and considers himself successful. When you think you are successful you have a lot of money and when you motivate someone you say “I have become a millionaire. Join me. Follow me. I will make you or any of you a millionaire.” , My income is much higher, look at my house. Whenever you have this mentality people will not like you and will not like to talk to you, people will walk away from you.

#2 Too much to win, to criticize the source of the reaction

This is also detrimental to you, when you win a little more there is still a chance that you will start making mistakes and the chances of improvement will disappear, especially when someone catches you wrong, someone tells you where your mistake is, then When you are using that source, you think that person is wrong, that person is saying wrong things about you, you are on the right track. You can’t understand your mistake. It’s a very scary guy to walk away from you, for your behavior like this.

#3 The conversation starts with “no or But”

If you ever say, “It’s not or but” when you’re talking to someone, these two letters are horrible, it means you’re trying to convince them you’re right and that’s wrong. Doing so will drive people away from you.

#4 Playing my own favorite

Judging other people and giving ratings is affecting my own standards. It’s horrible to do that, as many say –

  • Come my way
  • You do what I say
  • Do what i say
  • You are as hard as I told you
  • Can you do it?
  • Follow me

If you do this, then talking to people is a long way off, no one will want to see your face.

#5 Finding opportunities to tell how smart I am

You love to go where you will be praised, it is often the case that a person wants to be friends with someone who will praise you and say good things about you, this is also terrible for you.

#6 Desire to be served then to serve

This is a bit deep. It means a lot of people think that instead of serving others, they want to be praised, instead of praising others, they want to be praised. Instead of giving something to others, you think that people are interested in you. Keep an interest in yourself, people will not like you when you do. And when you become interested in each other, people will be inspired to see you.

#7 Start a correction conversation without an invitation

It’s awful without inviting people to start correcting. The person who speaks in this way corrects people in such a way as to say –

  • Why don’t you go your way, I say you listen to me
  • It doesn’t matter what you do

The way this is said is very scary. People will dislike you, people will not like to talk to you, people will not like to hang out with you.

#8 Thank you or forget the forgotten acknowledgment

Don’t forget to say thank you when someone helps you or someone in your family helps you. You have to get a plus for saying thank you, you have to say thank you to all your elders who will help you, every time you miss it everyone will stop liking you.

#9 On the other hand, making excuses for one’s own mistakes

When a person does not understand his mistake or only seeks excuses and gives various excuses if he makes a mistake. Whenever you make a mistake, look for an excuse. Don’t admit your mistake, don’t look for any excuse, it’s very terrible, it’s wrong. In this way you will make your own personality better, then people will talk about you from behind, people or your employees will tell someone about you when they are in front of you, then I will tell you now sir. Many times you lose your own brand for this mistake.

#10 Ignoring what is most needed to hear

A lot of people make the mistake of not hearing what you want to hear and not being prepared to hear what people want to hear.

What you really need to know is when you stop listening or when someone wants to say something to you – you complete the sentence yourself when the person says it, don’t let that person finish what you say, doing so will ruin your personality. You will try to correct such mistakes.

#11 Create strong perceptions about your employees

If you are a businessman you make a strong perception of your employees and you think that-

  • I know what I want
  • I know what they know
  • I hate there selfishness
  • I can always get someone else

When you do these four things, people don’t want to associate with you, people don’t want to meet you, they don’t want to talk to you, you can’t build emotional bonds with them. For this, a good leader can get a lot of work from the employees even with less salary, but a weak leader cannot do more work with the employees even with more salary.

#12 Adding two cents value to each discussion

Many people want to speak in the middle of every word, they start talking in the middle before they hear the other person’s words well. There is no benefit to you, no one has invited you to speak in the middle of every word. You listen, Recognize, Acknowledge. When the person in front says something, repeat it with a good word – don’t say it like this –

  • Well
  • My God
  • Hey, you have said a lot of work.
  • There is something to learn from you

Doing so will make the person think you understand him. That way you will be liked by the people.

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