Network Marketing Full Satisfaction


Network Marketing Full Satisfaction

Network marketing is a unique approach that helps businesses grow.  Many companies have been doing network marketing for a long time.  For this you also need to know what network marketing is, then you too can benefit from network marketing.

So today we will tell you some interesting information about network marketing.

1. What is network marketing?

Network marketing is a business model that binds people to a pyramid-shaped network.


And sells the product of any company.  Each member of this network is an independent sells representative.  People connected to this network are given a fixed commission to sell the product.  IBO (Independent Business Owners) is the name given to each participant who sells a product to a member who is connected to the network, or a new member who sells a product to that network connected through that member.  Because the member promotes his own business.  Network market is also called Multi Level Marketing.

2.  Other names for network marketing are.

  • Cellular Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consumer-Direct Marketing
  • Referral Marketing
  • Home-Based Business Franchising

Examples of network marketing

Usually when you sell a product of a company, you get some payment or commission for that product.  But Network Marketing is a little different. Whatever happens in Network Marketing, suppose you have sold a company’s product to a friend. You will be paid some commission to sell the product to a friend.  Again, if your friend sells that product to another person, your friend will get commission from that, and you will also get it.  Now you are wondering why you will get commission from that product, because the product was sold by your friend.  Yes, you will also get commission because this is Network Marketing.  You will receive a Fixed Commission from the work that each member joins in the network through you.  This is network marketing.
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