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Hello friends! You know we bring you new interesting information on every topic. And today we are going to tell you Rolls-Royce History. Today we will tell you Rolls Royce facts.

There is no shortage of people in the world who like luxury cars, and there are many types of luxury cars in the world, and one such premium and luxury car brand name is Rolls-Royce. And Rolls-Royce is a popular brand whose name is enough for car lovers. Even with this, many car lovers hope to catch a glimpse of this car. And you will be more surprised to know that the starting price of the car of this popular brand Rolls-Royce starts from Rs 5 crore. And you may have heard the price of the car and realized how exclusive and premium this car is.

And if you also want to know about this premium brand, which means that this company has launched expensive models like Ghost, Dawn, Phantom in the market, then you should read this post to the end. Let’s get started friends and find out interesting facts about the Rolls-Royce car company.

Rolls-Royce founder

Friends, first you need to know that Rolls-Royce is a British luxury car brand. The Rolls Royce Company was started by Henry Royce in 1884. In 1884, Henry Royce started an electrical or mechanical business. Henry Royce built his first automobile in 1904. Royce had a conversation with Charles Rolls in the year Royce built his first car. And Charles Rolls’ company used to sell quality cars in London. After talks between Henry Royce or Charles Rolls, an agreement was reached between them, according to which Royce Cars Limited would manufacture cars, and Royce’s manufactured cars would be sold by Rolls’ company. In this way, after this agreement, Charles Rolls or Henry Royce’s company came together in 1906 to form Rolls-Royce, and we are still in the market as an exclusive or premium brand car for all of us. In 1906, the company launched the 6 cylinder silver Ghost car. And which has been called ‘Best Car In The World’ within a year. This car ran non-stop 24 kilometers, and since then the Rolls-Royce company has been considered reliable.

In 1980, British defense company Vickers bought the popular brand Rolls-Royce. Then in 1998, these companies called BMW or Volkswagen were trying to buy Rolls-Royce. The two companies had a problem with the ownership of Rolls-Royce for some years, but after negotiations in 2003, the complete ownership of Rolls-Royce passed to BMW.

Rolls Royce’s Phantom car was launched in 2003, and since Rolls-Royce’s complete ownership passed to BMW in 2003, the car was built under BMW. And this new model Rolls-Royce was the first new-generation luxury car.

You might be surprised to know that this new model from Rolls-Royce has 44000 color options. Every part of this model is made in Germany. And to make this car you need 200 aluminum sections and 300 alloy parts, and this car is made by hand, this is made with a robot. This song has V12 engine. And for this engine, this car can go 0-100 kilometers per hour in 5.9 seconds.

Rolls Royce’s Ghost model is priced at Rs 5-7 crore. And the price of Phantom is 9-11 crore rupees.

Most of the cars of this premium brand are seen in Hong Kong. And the youngest buyer of this car is a 12-year-old boy who bought Rolls-Royce’s Phantom.

Rolls-Royce color

And we know that this car has 44000 color options. And the finishing of this car that attracts your eyes towards this car, it takes a long time to finish that. Friends used 100 pounds of paint to paint a Rolls-Royce car. And the painting of this car is done through five layers. And so it takes about 7-8 days to complete the finishing of a Rolls-Royce car. And the weight of the body painting of this car is about 45 kg.


Rolls-Royce is not afraid to satisfy its customer’s comfort, because when a Rolls-Royce customer demanded a separate compartment on the door of the car to keep the tea kettle, the company conducted a crash test on their car according to that customer’s demand. And made the car according to the customer’s demand, and the customer was so happy that the price of the car used in the crash test and the price of the new car, both the customer paid the company.

Maharaja Jaisingh Prabhakar

You may have heard of another incident where rubbish was picked up in premium and luxury cars like the Rolls-Royce. And this garbage collection incident happened in 1920. Maharaja Jaisingh Prabhakar of Alwar state had bought 7 cars of Rolls-Royce Company, then in England, he was forbidden to test drive this car.

You may have heard of another incident where rubbish was picked up in premium and luxury cars like the Rolls-Royce. And this garbage collection incident happened in 1920. Maharaja Jaisingh Prabhakar of Alwar state had bought 7 cars of Rolls-Royce Company, then he was forbidden to test drive this car in England.

What actually happened was that when Maharaja Jaisingh Prabhakar went to see the car at Rolls-Royce’s showroom in England, King Jaisingh Prabhakar was in casual dress, and no one recognized him. And at the time when Raja requested a test drive, he was not allowed to do a test drive. And the Maharaja did not like this word, and then the Maharaja had bought 7 cars of this premium Rolls-Royce brand, and all those cars were being used by the Maharaja to pick up garbage. And when the Rolls-Royce Company came to know about this incident, the company apologized in writing to the Maharaja.

Rolls Royce offers

The Rolls Royce company offers their customers a very good option which is very popular. This option is a Starlight headliner.

It uses 1340 fiber optical lights. And these lights are made by hand. And it requires a cable of about two kilometers to generate a special effect. And this special effect costs about 12000 dollars.

And to give this car a more premium look, the hood ornament can be hidden in the hood to enhance the front look of this car. Bearings are used to hide this hood ornament. This Rolls-Royce hood ornament is called ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’.

About 65% -68% of the cars the Rolls-Royce company has built so far are still running on the road.

These cars have high quality handmade or exclusive features that make this car special. And Rolls-Royce cars are the world’s first choice of top businessmen.


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