Seven low cost tips to create loyal customer


7 Tips for Creating Loyal & Happy Customers

We are discussing business with you and today we are going to give you some tips that if you follow the tips well, the sales of your product and service will increase a lot, and with that your business will grow. And today our topic is some low cost tips to create loyal customer. Today we will give you some tips that if you follow them, the cost will be very low and the customer will not leave you. Today we will give you an idea so that you can retain your customer and create new customer, so read this post in full so that you can increase the sales of your product and service and grow your Business.

The customer’s name is the sweetest to him

This means that customers like to hear their own name, just why customers like anyone in the world to hear their own name from others. And so you give your customer personalized service, because everyone in the world prefers specialized, personalized and customized service.

Infect A survey was done on this, and the survey found that the guest or customer who came into the restaurant and when they ate, the restaurant waiter went to them to clean the table, and to pay the bill for the food they ate. , One waiter just took the bin empty handed, and another waiter just took some extra chocolates with him without the bill. An analysis of 100 such cases showed that the waiter who took the extra chocolate with him got 14% extra tips from the customer. This increases the brand value of the hotel and at the same time increases the income and growth of the waiter who served those customers.

If you have a small shop then even if you call your customer by name then that customer has a different idea about you and that customer becomes loyal to you and the customer will not go to another store. Apply these small tips, then you will see that you will get very good results from these tips.

Co-creation of innovation with your customer

Two things are very important here that innovation alone do not, co-creation of innovation, it means that the product you are manufacturing or the product of the service you are going to change the co-create your, take customer feedback. Make the customer feel that the way the customer and you are creating this product or service together, this model is called ABCDE Model. ABCDE means –
  • A – Analyze – Analyze with the customer.
  • B – Brainstorm – What is the actual need of the customer Brainstorm match with the customer.
  • C – Co-create – Co-create the product that you designed for the customer, the customer in the way that the customer and you have created the product together.
  • D – Deliver – and will deliver it after covering all the steps.
  • E – Evaluate
Example: We will explain this to you in two steps, The first is Manufacturer Led innovation and the second is User Led innovation. When a large multinational corporation was developing its product, the company created a product with the help of its own employee without user feedback and finalized the product and sold it in the market, called Manufacturer Led innovation. Then that company again formed another team to create another product, and this product was created by that company to match the customer. Went to the customer’s house, took the customer’s feedback, took the customer’s idea and then made that product. These two products were one on similar need but the difference between these two products is that the first product sold for about 19 million dollars and the second product sold for about 120-150 million dollars. The reason why the second product sells better is because you matched that product with the customer and since you matched that product with the customer, your chances of success increased.

Customer’s love loyalty program if you make it easy for them

Customers like loyalty programs and that customer is ready to come back, but the customer will be ready to come back only when you make the customer some program for loyalty, so that the customer comes back after seeing it. Make it easy for the customer, make your loyalty program exciting, you will see the customer come back. There are two types of benefits you can give a customer –
  1. Financial benefit
  2. Emotional benefit
This Emotional benefit is psychological benefit. It works a little differently. Suppose you have three categories 1) Ruby 2) Emerald 3) Diamond. Your customer will be ready for the diamond upgrade if you can make the customer feel that Ruby and Emerald are now below him, he will take the diamond to feel like this and he will agree to pay more.

Frugal and a delightful surprise

It doesn’t cost you much but you have to take a small action that will create the delightful person in front of you, and that person will keep saying ‘wow‘. You do not have to spend a lot of money to create ‘wow’, you need to increase the frequency of small ‘wow’, so that small ‘wow’ is created again and again.
Example: Suppose you are on a B2B project and have to sit with an important customer for many hours and you feel that it is too late, then you arrange a tiffin for that customer via mobile app or website. Given, gave your customer’s address and half an hour or forty-five minutes later the tiffin went to your customer’s house. This will make your customer think he was working and you were working and you ordered a tiffin for him while you were working, so your customer will think you care a lot for your customer, and he will say ‘wow’ then, and it will be remembered for a lifetime.

 Don’t see your product as a product, see it as a project. 

This means don’t sell the product as a product but sell the product as a project. Remember that there are three pillars of project management –
  1. Scope – In this you will see if you can deliver something extra to your customer.
  2. Time – This time pillar is, if you think that any project or any service will deliver it ahead of time.
  3. Cost – Cost is very important because our country is a very cost sensitive market, here if you reduce the cost of your product a little and with it some extra benefits, then you will have a customer for life and will take your services or your product.

Create a purposeful emotional story

Purposeful emotional story means that according to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a person does not remember Data, facts, Number for a long time, but the story stays in mind for a long time. This is why you need to create a powerful story for your sales. If your message is good but the story is bad then people will not remember, again if you have an average message and if the story is good then people will remember.

Sell experience over money

You need to focus on the user experience, many companies sell their product experience.
Such as:
  • Amul – ‘The Test Of India’
  • Thums Up – ‘Taste The Thunder’
  • Raymond – ‘The Complete Man’
There are many companies that talk about product experiences instead of talking about their product features through their punch line and their tag line.
These are the low cost tips that you can use to create a loyal customer. If you follow these steps well, you can increase your sales and grow your business.
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