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Social Media Marketing: Twitter, Pinterest, Quora Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful marketing platform, and you yourself are using social media in your daily life, almost everyone is observing. And if we want to understand this social media language in general, then it has used two powerful words, one word is social and the other word is media. Just as social is associated with society, so does the media reach far with every new update. And this is why the effect of social media is so great.
You can use this social media to drive traffic to your own website, or to promote your business, much faster on social media. But for all this your platform and strategy have to be right. Today we will tell you about the three popular platforms of social media marketing 1) Twitter 2) Pinterest 3) Quora, you can promote your business and build brand awareness with the help of these social media and how you can reach your products and services to many people today. We will let you know through this post.

What’s in a social media marketing strategy?

Social media marketing is a method by which you can build your brand, sell a product or service and increase that sale, and you can use this method to drive your website traffic, This includes publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media ads.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is a social media and microblogging platform that allows you to send and receive short posts. And the posts you make on Twitter are called tweets. It allows you to follow people based on your personal interests. This platform has many celebrities among students, politicians, policymakers, or the general public. You can easily promote your research on this platform. And with tweets or retweets you can reach out to a lot of people with your identity, you can follow the expectations of your field and build a good relationship with them. And if we talk about business here, you can promote your business with the help of Twitter, because you can increase your brand awareness on this platform. With this platform you can find the latest trends in your industry. And you can promote your videos, content blogs, and presentations with this platform. And not only this, you can also get instant feedback about your products and services.
The name of this platform is Twitter. The platform was created by Jack Dorsey and his team in 2006, and now Twitter has become so famous that it has over 330 million monthly active users, and about 150 million daily active users. 63% of Twitter users worldwide are between the ages of 35 and 65, and if your target audience is this age, then this platform would be perfect for your business. So today we will tell you some effective marketing tips on Twitter.

Optimize profile bio

Within Twitter bio 160 characters you need to describe your brand in such a way that the customer understands what you can provide them. For this, share the exact information of your company, and spell your profile bio so that it attracts the audience, it should be short and targeted and you can use the hashtag (#) in it, and choose the right Twitter handle, because your Twitter handle is your Twitter. The account will have a username, which will be short and simple so that people can easily remember it, and tag you easily. It must include your company name. And with all of this, your Twitter profile picture needs to be impressive because it represents your brand, so put a simple and clear logo of your company on the profile picture.

Create engaging content

Trending content is the choice of the audience. For this, make a contact that people will like, and at the same time use call to action, such as follow, shop, Sales. And along with the content you provide links to your website. And tweet every day It doesn’t need much, but if you want to do marketing you have to be active every day. Your tweet needs to be unique, with a short heading so that someone else can retweet your post. You can use the right keywords and hashtag (#) along with the content, all the tweets from the hashtag (#) have higher engagement rate. But you should not use more than the hashtag (#), it may reduce your engagement rate.

Post the video on Twitter

Post videos on Twitter because visual marketing has a positive effect on the audience. And surveys have shown that 80% – 82% of users watch video content, because consumers prefer to watch videos to learn about a product. To do this, publish videos of your company’s products and services so that users can purchase your products and services after watching the video.

Post image to increase retweet

Share attractive and high quality images for consumer engagement. Tag the images you post and include information about your brand and product or service in that image because tweets with images always gain more attention from the audience.

Track Twitter analytics

Track audience response to your posted content with Twitter analytics, as every content, image, and every follower engages your marketing strategy. And with the help of analytics on Twitter, you can make your next post better, so that you can get better results.

Introduce yourself to the audience

Audience needs to be specific in Twitter marketing, search for it based on the likes and interests of your target audience, and try to make your next post better accordingly. Give a positive response to the comment. But there is no need for you to anchorage negative comments.

Promote via Twitter ad

One by one on Twitter you can reach your target audience much faster. And in order to advertise on Twitter, you need to setup your Twitter ad account, and then you need to choose the target audience, such as device, interest, gender, age, etc. Then you have to choose your advertising objective which can be a lot like brand awareness, conversation. And then you have to choose the best type of Twitter advertisement, where you will find many different options –
  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted accounts
  • Promoted moments
  • Automated ads
And after setting the ad type, you need to set the budget of the ad and then make the payment, then your ad will run on Twitter.
And to do so, the user will follow your account, retweet, like, reply to any of your posts and click your promoted tweet. And you can ON / OFF this advertisement whenever you want. And with these tips, you can promote your business on Twitter and take advantage.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where you can find many ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration. It is a social media site where you can collect and share images according to your interests. In this network also the user likes the image and also comments with it. In this platform you can save the pinned image of any user in the boards. Pinterest will get you over 200 billion pins. 
The platform was launched by Ben Silberman in 2010. And now this Pinterest has become so big and popular that its monthly active users are now more than 360 million. 72% of Pinterest users are female users, which means you can easily sell women products and services on this platform. And about 80% of users buy Pinterest after seeing a brand’s product, which means you can reach your target audience through Pinterest and sell your product. Pinterest Every idea is represented by a pin, which is an image. And these images are saved by Pinterest users. It lets people know what products they want to buy. And since you are using Pinterest for marketing, include a link to your website with every pin on Pinterest. And for this you could not use some marketing tips which we have said before.

Maintain a branded profile

For those of you who want to market with Pinterest, first create your business profile on Pinterest. And your business profile must be impressive and maintain. You need to make your bio and profile photo impressive. You will link your website to the profile so that a lot of traffic can come to your profile.

Post high-quality content

Like all social media, you need to post Pinterest high quality content, as about 85% of pinners decide from Pinterest what they need. Your content needs to be high quality video and photos, which can present your product well.

Create boards for your brand

Pinterest boards allow you to organize your pins, and make them public to share ideas with other users. To be a brand, keep a collection of boards that have organized pins, so that it is easy to search for followers. You need to create related boards for your brand.
Enable rich pins in your Pinterest business account. Rich pins add extra details to your pins, and you can use these four rich pins –
Product pin – Pinterest If an online retailer uses product pins, shopping becomes easier for the customer. This type of pins contains all the information like product real time pricing, product availability, or product details.
Recipe pin – If you have a food business then this pin is the best for your faith. This recipe pin will show the cooking time, recipe ingredients, serving size of your recipe in one post.
App Pins – If you have an application and you want to promote it with Pinterest and take it to a new audience then this pin will work for you. This app pin has an installed bottom so that your users can easily install your app from Pinterest.
Article pins – If you are a publisher or blogger then this pin will be best for you, because this pin is easy to share your article post followers through Article pins. This pin article has headline, author, article description highlight.

Enter your pins search friendly caption

You may know that Pinterest is a search engine for beautiful images, so the easiest way to reach your audience is to write a friendly caption.

Create a Pinterest ad

To create a Pinterest ad you need to create a business account and install the Pinterest tag. In Pinterest ad manager you need to create a new ad campaign, and there you can edit or manage the Pinterest ad campaign. Then you have to select ad campaign goals, such as – to bring website traffic, build brand awareness, product sales, App installs increase. Then you need to set the ad budget in your ad group, and after payment your advertisement will be reviewed, and then your advertisement will run on Pinterest.

Track Pinterest matrix

With Pinterest analytics you can optimize your Pinterest marketing. And it lets you know how many impressions and visits your pins and profile are making each month. And you can find out which ones are performing best, and how much traffic is coming to your website from Pinterest.
And with these simple important tips you can build Pinterest your business and brand awareness.

Quora marketing

If you want to present your brand as an authority in the industry, answer people’s questions, and the best platform is Quora. Quora is a question and answer website where you can ask and answer any kind of question. Quora was launched around 2010. Quora You can publish your content and search specific questions related to your business. With this platform you can gain attention among about 7 lakh visitors monthly. And you can find out the related question related to your product and answer it. And today we will give you some effective tips of this Quora marketing

Create Optimal Quora profile

Quora shows the first 50 characters of your profile where your name or bio is. This is the tagline show above your answer. You can see it as your brand name.

Select the best question to answer

You can answer any Quora question, but be a little specific if you want to do marketing. And search the question according to your interest and expert, the question should be related to your business. And your answer must be short or specific, and you can give a reference link at the end of your answer. As soon as you ask a quora question you will try to answer it because, it will get more upvotes for your answer, upvotes it says that the answer is helpful. Doing so will develop user trust in your profile, and it will be beneficial for your business.

Help through customer support

You can build authority with Quora, so you provide customer support to users, and discuss your product. Quora also allows you to communicate directly with your customers.

Use Quora analytics

Quora provides free analytics to all its users, with the help of which you can analyze upvotes, shares, views. These analytics are based on the answers you give, the questions and the content you post.

Boards Share content

You can create Quora Boards to organize answers to your favorite questions and collect content from other sites on your profile, and start adding content to it.

Encourage to follow Profile

You can encourage users of this platform to follow your profile, you need to use the Quora Follow Bottom on the Quora resources page.

Create a Quora Ad campaign

To run Quora Ad you need to create an ad manager campaign after creating your profile on the Quora Platform, and then select ad objective after entering your campaign name –
  • Conversion
  • Traffic
  • Awareness
  • App install
In these you have to select your campaign objective, then set budget or schedule, then select ad targeting such as –
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Broad targeting
Then you need to select the CPC bid, the minimum bid of which is about $ 0.20, but it will depend on your ad campaign. Here you will find many ad formats such as –
  • Image ad
  • Promote answer
  • Text ad
Then you need to fill up your ad related details –
  • Ad Name
  • Business name
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Call to action
  • Landing page URL
After completing the payment process, your ad campaign will be launched. And you can major in its performance. And this way you can promote your business by making proper use of the Quora Platform.
Friends in this post we have learned about three popular social media marketing today, and you need to keep in mind that you need to choose a suitable platform according to your business, and you need to post content according to your target audience. Having done all this, this marketing strategy will help you grow your business.
And we hope that the information given in this post has been useful for you, and don’t forget to share this post. if you want to get such innovative and interesting information from time to time, then you can subscribe to our website by your email so that you get notification of the next posts on our website by email.

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