The 7 Best Marketing & Sales Strategies to Try in 2020 [Complete Guide]

A few points of successful marketing & Sales strategy


Marketing & Sales strategy Grow Business – [Complete Guide] 

We’ve given you ideas for doing business and a lot of tips to grow your business, today we’re going to talk to you about marketing and sales. Today we will give you some basic information about marketing and sales, so that you can grow your business. We hope this post is very helpful for you. And this post is very important for you. So you burn this post completely.

#1 What is difference between Sales and Marketing

What sales do, sales increase your revenue, help sell products. But marketing works at recall value. Marketing does not only mean increasing sales, but it also sells your product well after marketing, your product sells more, if you can do marketing well. But what is marketing really? Marketing is your overall business strategy, the unique strength of your product, you will leave a memory with or within your customer as a recall value.

#2 Niche Marketing Definition

Niche marketing is a type of marketing that is a specific style of marketing. Where Specific Demographic, Specific Physiographic and Specific Geographic are published. I mean, we don’t sell things to everyone here, we only sell products to certain target customers. What happens is that it eliminates the competition of your marketing, and makes the market smaller, so that you can capture the whole market, and increase your market value. What happens here, here you will get good results with less effort.

#3 Trade show marketing strategy

This trade show marketing is now very big and popular marketing. Every industry is growing and with it the organization. When all sorts of people involved in that industry are brought under one roof, we mean that when everything is available under one roof, it is called trade show marketing.

Example: When a person comes to a XYZ Garments or clothing store, he will get all the things he needs. For example, if he wants to buy a machine for making clothes, he will get it there, if he wants to buy a cloth yarn, he will also get it there, and if he wants to get a ready-made cloth, he will get all the clothes related things there.

In trade show marketing, sometimes you can get a big order with less effort. Here you can import or export new client new customer orders. Not only do you have to do some unusual demonstrations, you can also offer some promotional offers here or arrange for guests to stay for free so that they can have a good relationship with you. If you do this, your customers will increase a lot, the traffic to you will increase a lot, the traffic of others will come to you.

#4 Social media marketing strategy

Now social network marketing has become very popular. 45% of people use social network and in the next 3-4 years it will become 85-95%. So you don’t have to mix marketing to get a lot of audience here. Here is what happens when your customer shares about you and your product, when it happens, when that customer likes your product and service, when that customer shares your product and service on social media, what happens is that it builds trust among other customers. Is. This will increase the sales of your product and you will continue to grow in the market. So don’t miss social media marketing.

#5 Freebie Marketing Strategy

Freebie Marketing is a simple marketing which is a profitable marketing, here you can sell a low value product for free and a high value product. What happens here is that a low value product is sold for free and a lot of high value products are sold. You have a lot of profits here.

Examples: Examples of freebie marketing can be given a lot. For example: Shoes are sold by showing socks. There are many more examples, some give free e-books, some give free tools.

#6 Difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Outbound marketing

In outbound marketing, it means that here you will announce about your company, here you have to tell people about you and your company, you have to inform about your company’s products and services.

Example: Here you can tell your customers about your company and your product with the help of Tele talk, Television, Radio.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing and promotion is a popular marketing which is the complete opposite of outbound marketing. You don’t have to tell people about your company’s product services like outbound marketing. Here people come to you by themselves. Inbound marketing is a magnetic force that draws people to that company or person, here is a different marketing strategy. Here you write a blog, open a YouTube channel, people from there know about you and they are attracted to you.

Example: In Inbound Marketing You Can Use Blogger, You Can Do Email Marketing You Can Increase Your Traffic By Email Marketing. You can do your marketing through social media where someone will click on your landing page and call you or you can create a website and run it with good keywords and from there your customer will come to your landing page and contact you.

Both inbound and outbound marketing is very popular, you decide here which marketing will be best for your business.

#7 Cross Promotion Marketing

Cross Promotion Marketing Very Popular Marketing Here two or more people have the same customer but the product is not competing, here two companies or more companies promote each other’s business, it increases your marketing reach but does not increase the budget. It takes less money for marketing here. Here you get new types of customers, here your company’s customer will go to the company with which you will do cross promotion, and the customer of that company will come to you.


  • KitKat Chocolate Google is promoting Android and Google Android is promoting KitKat Chocolate.
  • BMW is a cars company that has cross-promoted with a bag company called Louis Vuitton.
  • Domino’s has cross-promoted with a pizza company Cocoa Banana.
  • Apple has cross-promoted with Nike.

There are still many companies that have done such cross-promotion. It is not possible for us to say the name now. If you want to know, you can contact us.

We hope you find this post helpful about marketing and sales. If you follow the points of this post well, then you too can be a successful businessman.

You can contact us if you need more information about marketing and sales or if you need some help with marketing and sales, our business specialist will try to solve your problem.

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