What is Drop shipping | How Does Drop shipping Work


What is Drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business method where the retailer sends a product directly to the customer from a third party. This third party can be a manufacturer, wholesaler or any other retailer. This means that unlike traditional retailers, you never stock the products you are selling. You only buy products when they are needed that are shipped directly to the customer.

How does drop shipping work ?

Drop shipping follows a common supply chain. The buyer orders a product from your store. You may have a brick-and-mortar store where you have sample items or product catalogs to display for customers to choose from. Or, through your e-commerce website, you can reach more people where your customers can order products. The customer who ordered with you pays for it.


You forward the details to the supplier manually or automatically. Then the supplier provides package according to the order of the order and reaches the specific address. That supplier must be a production curry or wholesale vendor. Only then the Product can be sold at the right price. And you can sell Retail Price.

The seller that will give your customer will take its price from you and you will take the money from the customer. So, drop shipper is not even known to the customer.

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