What is guerrilla marketing? Top Effective ways

Guerilla Marketing Top Effective Ways to Inspire Your Brand – Complete Guide


6 Guerilla Marketing Method That Hacked Growth – Beginners Advance Guide

We’ve given you a lot of business ideas and tricks and we’ve told you how to grow that business, and today we’ll focus on a small business called Guerrilla marketing, with this marketing you can use less money to do more marketing. Today we will share with you 6 ideas where it will cost less and the branding will be a lot, it will be useful in the regional market. Many businessmen will not be able to start a new business and go to internet media and TV media. This marketing method is not conventional method, this marketing method is unconventional method, it requires more energy and brainstorming but it allows you to engage people’s imagination.

To draw attention to memory generation

  • It will cost you less
  • Can go viral
  • It is unique

It has become so unique that it gets into the memory, and the principle of getting into the memory is that it becomes word-of-mouth.

Today we will tell you the 6 steps, which of these steps will be your word of mouth.  The steps that we will tell you today, if you follow those steps, people will start talking about your business, people will talk about your business and people will be attracted to your store.

#1 Viral marketing

What is brother marketing, viral marketing works on some extreme emotions that people feel good about sharing, the method of viral marketing is that you engage in some extreme emotions that cause people to share it. The basic principle of viral marketing is that you first create some extreme emotions, or come up with some unusual delightful surprises, something that will engage you as well as the people.

#2 Presume Marketing

In presume marketing you will display your product in an unusual way, display something that is not to be displayed, why not to be, because people do not see what is to be, and people see what is not to be.

I mean, if you open a shoe store to attract people to your store, make a big shoe and put it up or next to your store. Customers at five stores will be attracted to your store. Because with presume marketing you are driving traffic to yourself.

#3 Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing means that you are your actual right customer who is your target customer and if you give them a new product line experience, they will remember it, because people remember things that are fair for free more than money. And when people experience that product, they will buy the product themselves with money from your store.

#4 Wild posting

Presume marketing is about keeping your product in an unusual way, just like you are about your brand through wild posting

  • Graphics
  • Visuals
  • Images
  • Print ads

You have to paste these in an unusual way. So that when a person passes by them, they are surprised to see him suddenly, as if to say, what is it? Give them a little feeling of shock so that they are surprised.

#5 Ambient marketing

With Presume Marketing we have been shown the product, we have been posting through wild posting, and we have tried to change one in an ambient way.

#6 Grassroot marketing

This marketing is very exciting, in it you get caught up in a strong network where you are connected to each other and spread within it. It can be based on anything like that

  • Demography,
  • Geography,
  • Ethnography,
  • Psychography

Catch any one of these communities and you will be able to make your brand viral.

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