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YouTube Channel Case Study | YouTube Channel Success formula

How to grow YouTube channel – We tell you about business ideas and digital marketing. And today we will tell you about a platform used for marketing. Today we will tell you a weird story about YouTube. Three boys who were fired. As you may know, when eBay bought PayPal, the three boys who were co-founders of YouTube lost their jobs. These three are Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, or Jawed Karim. YouTube is currently the second largest search engine and video and entertainment platform.

According to Google’s CEO, “YouTube will be many times bigger than TV in the near future.

You are the content creator on YouTube and you are the content viewer. And where the TV doesn’t run like you like, here the TV runs like you like, hey YouTube doesn’t run like YouTube, YouTube runs like you like, you control YouTube.

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, or Jawed Karim, all three of them used to work for PayPal, and all three of them created YouTube to solve a problem. The problem then was that the three of them wanted to share some videos of a birthday party, and that video could not be shared because there was no platform that they could share such a heavy video, and that’s how Jawed Karim wanted to watch a video and that video on TV. The US government stopped showing it on TV, and there was no source for the video to be seen, and then it occurred to him how many people were having problems like this, and the other two partners had tsunami concerns in their heads. They wanted to see a tsunami. Remember that when there is an accident in the world, someone has a camera in their hand, but you can share that video.

Always keep in mind that the biggest product in the world is not created by looking at profit but through problem-solving. And these three partners made the problem solver product, if you make a problem-solving product, don’t worry about profit, profit will happen automatically, but if you think about profit, if you keep selling it, both business and profit will not increase. In fact, they did not create Direct YouTube, they first launched an online dating website called ‘Tune In Hook Up‘, but this website did not last long. And then they changed it to an online streaming platform, and they worked so well at it that the survey says 77% of viewers watch 4-6 more videos when they come to watch a video on YouTube, the dynamic algorithm they created on YouTube search engine. That algorithm was awesome.

Project vs platform

The difference here is the project vs platform. A project is a common business person who makes the mistake of giving money and then taking the product. It is called a project that means transactional business. But the big brands like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc. create platforms where the ecosystem works. Similarly, YouTube is not a project. If YouTube is a platform that works according to the ecosystem, everyone benefits here. YouTube was created first, then YouTube brought content creators, and since there are content creators, content consumers came slowly, and advertisers came after content consumers. The big brands started advertising on YouTube instead of advertising on TV because the advertising rates on YouTube were getting cheaper for them and they were able to deliver their advertisements to their target audience, but there was no target audience on TV. As YouTube began to grow, YouTube started building its own YouTube studios in different cities, and the content creators who started training them there started a helpline, which means they started a YouTube support system. YouTube did so because content creators published good content on YouTube, and viewers benefited from seeing good content for free. Remember that when you are not paying for the product you do not have to pay for watching videos on YouTube, when you are not paying for the product, you will know that you are the product in the eyes of YouTube. Everyone’s benefit on YouTube is the advertiser’s product is being sold, the creator is showing ads in his video and YouTube is giving him some money commission.

Those who are competing with YouTube

Facebook is now looking to create a competition with YouTube where Facebook is streaming some online videos. Vimeo is just like YouTube, the only difference here is that YouTube has all kinds of videos and Vimeo has only professional videos, there are many platforms that want to create a platform like YouTube but they are much smaller than YouTube. YouTube is going to be bigger in the future because we have a population of about 7.5 billion in the world and 2 billion of them are monthly active users of YouTube.

Cord cutters and Cord never

About 65% to 70% of people will have cord cutters by 2025 for YouTube to be so big, cord cutters are those who once cut the cable of the TV they will not use it next time. And Cord never is the new generation of people who have never seen TV or will never see it again.
Usually advertisers are coming to YouTube to advertise because their audience says that they have moved from TV to mobile. About 5 billion people in the world now use mobile, which means about 64% of the world’s people use mobile, for which this cord cutters or cord never played a big role.

The role of the empire

Empire here means that YouTube gives you power, and TV takes away your power. YouTube is always on and you don’t have to be at home to watch YouTube, but you have to watch TV in a certain place or at home. You can give your opinion on YouTube about any content here again you can like, comment, or share. But you can’t give your opinion on TV, you have to sit quietly and watch TV. You can watch any video at any time on YouTube but that is not possible on TV.

Available Niche

Consumer behavioral details mean that YouTube, TV has limitations, you don’t have an unlimited stream of Niche, targeted, focused content available on TV, and it is available on YouTube. On YouTube you will find different channels on any topic –
  • Surfing channel
  • Play area channel
  • Painting channel
  • Sport activity
  • Kids channel etc.
Here you will find separate channels on any topic according to everyone’s needs.

YouTube analytics

YouTube content shows analytics in cricketers’ details. So that you can make videos according to the needs of those who are coming to see or hear your videos. YouTube gives you about the details of your viewers –
  • Viewers Psychographic?
  • Demographic of viewers?
  • Viewers Geographic?
  • Ethnographic viewers?
  • What country is your viewer from?
  • The viewer identifies the Male or Female?
  • How old is the viewer?
  • When watching your video?
  • Where your video is being viewed from?
  • How long have you been watching your video?
  • Bounce Rate etc.
With all these details, the content creator understands what his viewer wants to see. Even after giving so many details, YouTube does not give your viewer the details of your beaver’s name, it maintains the privacy of the viewers.
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